Supervision and Management Courses

Supervisory Skills and Management Development courses and seminars are important training tools for bank and credit union employees planning to climb the ladder in their financial services career.  The 3.00 credit Supervision course is available online, via self-study, and in the classroom and carries ACE college credit transfer recommendation.  A variety of management courses and seminars are also available and can be utilized as a refresher for season branch managers or as a training ground for supervisors ready to take the next step in their career.

Start DateStart TimeProgram TitleFormat/LocationPrice
AnyProject ManagementSelf-Study$605.00More Info
AnyProject Management-New Product DevelopmeSelf-Study$675.00More Info
AnyProject Management-The Managerial ProcesSelf-Study$675.00More Info
AnySupervisionSelf-Study$675.00More Info
AnyFuture of Business, TheSelf-Study$675.00More Info
AnyHuman Resource ManagementSelf-Study$675.00More Info
AnyLeading Your People to SuccessSelf-Study$605.00More Info
AnyThe 21st Century SupervisorSelf-Study$605.00More Info
AnyMotivating Your StaffSelf-Study$450.00More Info
AnyManaging Performance & ProductivitySelf-Study$605.00More Info
AnyManaging ChangeSelf-Study$605.00More Info
AnyBank ManagementSelf-Study$675.00More Info
AnyManagementSelf-Study$675.00More Info
08/18/2002:30 PMWhen to Coach When to SuperviseLive & On Demand$365.00More Info
08/18/2002:30 PMWhen to Coach When to SuperviseLive, OnDemand, CD-ROM$395.00More Info
08/18/2002:30 PMWhen to Coach When to SuperviseLive Webinar$265.00More Info
08/31/20Future of Business, TheOn-Line$675.00More Info
08/31/20Human Resource ManagementOn-Line$675.00More Info
08/31/20Leading Your People to SuccessOn-Line$605.00More Info
09/14/20SupervisionOn-Line$675.00More Info
09/28/20ManagementOn-Line$675.00More Info
11/09/20SupervisionOn-Line$675.00More Info
11/23/20Human Resource ManagementOn-Line$675.00More Info
12/07/20Leading Your People to SuccessOn-Line$605.00More Info