Transferring CFT Courses to a College

Students can save considerable time and employers can save significant tuition reimbursement dollars when employees choose to take CFT college level courses and transfer their credits to a college or university towards a degree. CFT has made this process even easier for the student by partnering with several colleges and universities.  Click on links below for detailed information. Each link will take you to the college landing page made specifically for CFT students that will provide you necessary information for next steps and provide you with contact information to make this process seamless.

**NEIB@Cambridge College agreement states once students complete the CFT Advanced Financial Services Diploma, you will be eligible to receive a percentage off regular tuition at NEIB to complete your Associates or Bachelors degree.

When the time is right for transferring CFT credits to a college or university, you will need to complete a Recordkeeping Services Request Form , and using our online Bill Pay option is the quickest most efficient way to pay the administration fee. Please click on the college of your choice to review their degree programs and see exactly which CFT courses can be transferred.


  • Transfer credit agreements at the colleges and universities listed above GUARANTEE that your CFT credits will be accepted.
  • Affiliated colleges feature Associate’s and Bachelor’s Degrees in Business and Banking.


  • Tuition savings on courses taken at certain college affiliates.
  • Tuition reimbursement savings on courses completed through CFT – often 100% paid by employer.
  • CFT courses improve work skills, enhance career development, and increase motivation.
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