Schedule of CFT Courses and Events

Following is a schedule of CFT courses and and seminars designed for bank and credit union employees.  Webinar times are Eastern Time.  All other course and seminar times are local time.  You can sort the schedule of CFT courses a variety of ways.

Start Date Start Time Course Title Location CFT Credits
05/08/17Federal Compliance SchoolLive Streaming $1,695.00More Info
Any CFT SmartPros Banking CatalogBanking Catalog $179.00More Info
Any CFT SmartPros HR Compliance CatalogHR Compliance Catalog $299.00More Info
05/24/1708:30 AMLegal Iss. Of New Account DocumentationFort Worth $325.00More Info
05/24/1711:00 AMMilitary Lending Act EssentialsLive Webinar $265.00More Info
05/25/1711:00 AMRegulatory Pressure on Third Party ManagLive Webinar $265.00More Info
05/26/1708:30 AMLegal Iss. Of New Account DocumentationEagle Lake $325.00More Info
05/29/17 Customer Service ExcellenceOn-Line $525.00More Info
05/30/17 Director Education SeriesOn-Demand Subscription $1,395.00More Info
05/30/1702:00 PMCompliance Perspectives Monthly UpdateOne Month Trial $165.00More Info
05/30/1702:00 PMCompliance Perspectives Monthly Update6 Month Subscription $990.00More Info
06/05/17 SupervisionOn-Line $575.00More Info
06/05/17 Financial AccountingOn-Line $575.00More Info
06/05/17 Bank Secrecy Act (Self Paced Online)On-Line $215.00More Info
06/05/17 IRA Overview (Self-Paced)On-Line $215.00More Info
06/05/17 Accounting On-Line $575.00More Info
06/05/17 Business MathOn-Line $575.00More Info
06/05/17 Future of Business, TheOn-Line $575.00More Info
06/05/17 Money and BankingOn-Line $575.00More Info
06/05/17 Residential Mortgage LendingOn-Line $575.00More Info
06/05/1709:00 AMFederal Compliance SchoolGolden CO $1,395.00More Info
06/05/1702:30 PMWriting an Effective Credit MemorandumLive Webinar $265.00More Info
06/06/1711:00 AMNotary PublicLive Webinar $265.00More Info
06/06/1702:30 PM3 Key Risk Assessments in You ERM PrograLive Webinar $265.00More Info
06/07/1702:30 PMBasics of Real Estate Loan DocumentationLive Webinar $265.00More Info
06/07/1711:00 AMPrepaid Accounts - The New RuleLive Webinar $265.00More Info
06/12/17 Principles of BankingOn-Line $575.00More Info
06/12/17 Real Estate AppraisalOn-Line $575.00More Info
06/12/17 Analyzing Financial StatementsOn-Line $575.00More Info
06/12/17 Leading Your People to SuccessOn-Line $525.00More Info
06/12/1705:30 PMAnnual Golf OutingFarmington CT $170.00More Info
06/13/1710:00 AMBank Trainers ConferenceSan Diego CA $1,295.00More Info
06/19/17 Commercial LendingOn-Line $575.00More Info
06/19/17 Real Estate LawOn-Line $575.00More Info
06/27/1711:00 AMHMDA Data Collection and Reporting ReqmtLive Webinar $265.00More Info
07/03/17 IRA Overview (Self-Paced)On-Line $215.00More Info
07/03/17 Bank Secrecy Act (Self Paced Online)On-Line $215.00More Info
07/10/17 EconomicsOn-Line $575.00More Info
07/10/17 Money and BankingOn-Line $575.00More Info
07/10/17 Residential Mortgage LendingOn-Line $575.00More Info
07/10/17 Consumer LendingOn-Line $575.00More Info
07/10/17 Law and Banking: ApplicationsOn-Line $575.00More Info
07/10/17 Business MathOn-Line $575.00More Info
07/10/17 ManagementOn-Line $575.00More Info
07/10/17 Human Resource ManagementOn-Line $575.00More Info
07/10/17 Human RelationsOn-Line $575.00More Info
07/10/17 Customer Service ExcellenceOn-Line $525.00More Info
07/17/17 Law and Banking: PrinciplesOn-Line $575.00More Info
07/17/17 MarketingOn-Line $575.00More Info
07/17/17 Principles of BankingOn-Line $575.00More Info
07/17/17 SupervisionOn-Line $575.00More Info
07/17/17 Deposit Accounts and ServicesOn-Line $525.00More Info
07/17/17 Business CommunicationOn-Line $575.00More Info
07/24/17 Accounting On-Line $575.00More Info
07/24/17 Organizational BehaviorOn-Line $575.00More Info
07/24/17 Selling FundamentalsOn-Line $575.00More Info
07/24/17 Teller OperationsOn-Line $525.00More Info
07/24/17 Real Estate FinanceOn-Line $575.00More Info
07/31/17 Analyzing Financial StatementsOn-Line $575.00More Info
08/07/17 Commercial LendingOn-Line $575.00More Info
08/07/17 IRA Overview (Self-Paced)On-Line $215.00More Info
08/07/17 StatisticsOn-Line $575.00More Info
08/07/17 Bank Secrecy Act (Self Paced Online)On-Line $215.00More Info
08/07/17 Customer Service ExcellenceOn-Line $525.00More Info
08/14/17 Principles of BankingOn-Line $575.00More Info
08/14/17 Financial AccountingOn-Line $575.00More Info
08/21/17 Business MathOn-Line $575.00More Info
09/25/1706:00 PMEconomicsSunderland $575.00More Info
09/27/1706:00 PMAnalyzing Financial StatementsGreenfield $575.00More Info
10/05/1709:00 AMBank Secrecy Act SeminarMankato $285.00More Info
10/11/1708:30 AMPrinciples Of Banking AcceleratedMankato $395.00More Info
10/19/1704:00 PMCommercial Lending SchoolJamesburg NJ $2,350.00More Info
10/22/1706:00 PMAgricultural Lending SchoolLake Elmo MN $1,595.00More Info
11/09/1708:30 AMResidential Mortgage Lending AcceleratedMankato $450.00More Info
Any Money and BankingSelf-Study $575.00More Info
Any Residential Mortgage LendingSelf-Study $575.00More Info
Any Future of Business, TheSelf-Study $575.00More Info
Any Essential Business English SkillsSelf-Study $525.00More Info
Any Commercial LendingSelf-Study $575.00More Info
Any Law and Banking: ApplicationsSelf-Study $575.00More Info
Any AdvertisingSelf-Study $575.00More Info
Any Analyzing Financial StatementsSelf-Study $575.00More Info
Any Interviewing & Hiring TechniquesSelf-Study $375.00More Info
Any Human Resource SelectionSelf-Study $575.00More Info
Any Communication Skills For BusinessSelf-Study $525.00More Info
Any Human Resource DevelopmentSelf-Study $575.00More Info
Any Leading Your People to SuccessSelf-Study $525.00More Info
Any Teller OperationsSelf-Study $525.00More Info
Any e-CommerceSelf-Study $575.00More Info
Any Business MathSelf-Study $575.00More Info
Any Financial PlanningSelf-Study $575.00More Info
Any Fraud ExaminationSelf-Study $575.00More Info
Any Business CommunicationSelf-Study $575.00More Info
Any Effective Business WritingSelf-Study $525.00More Info
Any Principles of BankingSelf-Study $575.00More Info
Any EconomicsSelf-Study $575.00More Info
Any Customer Service ExcellenceSelf-Study $525.00More Info
Any Managing Performance & ProductivitySelf-Study $525.00More Info
Any Real Estate AppraisalSelf-Study $575.00More Info
Any MarketingSelf-Study $575.00More Info
Any SupervisionSelf-Study $575.00More Info
Any Human RelationsSelf-Study $575.00More Info
Any Accounting Self-Study $575.00More Info
Any Real Estate FinanceSelf-Study $575.00More Info
Any Organizational BehaviorSelf-Study $575.00More Info
Any Real Estate LawSelf-Study $575.00More Info
Any Accounting BasicsSelf-Study $575.00More Info
Any Sales ExcellenceSelf-Study $525.00More Info
Any Law and Banking: PrinciplesSelf-Study $575.00More Info
Any Motivating Your StaffSelf-Study $375.00More Info
Any Human Resource ManagementSelf-Study $575.00More Info
Any Employment and Labor LawSelf-Study $575.00More Info
Any Selling FundamentalsSelf-Study $575.00More Info
Any Wills, Trust and Estate AdministrationSelf-Study $575.00More Info
Any The 21st Century SupervisorSelf-Study $525.00More Info
Any Customer Service InnovationSelf-Study $525.00More Info
Any StatisticsSelf-Study $575.00More Info
Any Essential Business English SkillsSelf-Study $525.00More Info
Any ManagementSelf-Study $575.00More Info
Any Project ManagementSelf-Study $525.00More Info
Any Project Management-New Product DevelopmeSelf-Study $575.00More Info
Any Practell: Online Teller TrainingSelf-Study $175.00More Info
Any Bank ManagementSelf-Study $575.00More Info
Any Project Management-The Managerial ProcesSelf-Study $575.00More Info
Any Business EthicsSelf-Study $525.00More Info
Any Managing ChangeSelf-Study $525.00More Info
Any Agricultural LendingSelf-Study $575.00More Info
Any Consumer LendingSelf-Study $575.00More Info
Any International Financial ManagementSelf-Study $575.00More Info