Schedule of CFT Courses and Events

Following is a schedule of CFT courses and and seminars designed for bank and credit union employees.  Webinar times are Eastern Time.  All other course and seminar times are local time.  You can sort the schedule of CFT courses a variety of ways.

Start Date Start Time Course Title Location CFT Credits
03/19/17Federal Compliance SchoolOn-Demand MO 35.50More Info
03/30/17 Director Education SeriesOn-Demand Subscription 0.25More Info
03/30/1702:00 PMCompliance Perspectives Monthly UpdateOne Month Trial 0.25More Info
03/30/1702:00 PMCompliance Perspectives Monthly Update6 Month Subscription 0.25More Info
04/03/17AnyAnalyzing Financial StatementsOn-Line 3.00More Info
04/03/17AnyBank Secrecy Act (Self Paced Online)On-Line 0.25More Info
04/03/17AnyCommercial LendingOn-Line 3.00More Info
04/03/17AnyCustomer Service ExcellenceOn-Line 2.00More Info
04/03/17AnyIRA Overview (Self-Paced)On-Line 0.25More Info
04/03/17AnyManagementOn-Line 3.00More Info
04/03/17AnyPrinciples of BankingOn-Line 3.00More Info
04/03/17AnyResidential Mortgage LendingOn-Line 3.00More Info
04/03/1702:30 PMTRID CheckupLive Webinar 0.25More Info
04/04/1702:30 PMLetters of CreditLive Webinar 0.25More Info
04/04/1711:00 AMOpening New Accounts for LLC'sLive Webinar 0.25More Info
04/05/1711:00 AMRegulation ELive Webinar 0.25More Info
04/05/1702:30 PMBSA Examination HotspotsLive Webinar 0.25More Info
04/06/1711:00 AMFlood Insurance HotspotsLive Webinar 0.25More Info
04/06/1702:30 PMWhat Bankers Need to Know About Loan ParLive Webinar 0.25More Info
04/07/1711:00 AMKey Ratio Analysis Calculating InterpretLive Webinar 0.25More Info
04/10/17AnyAccounting On-Line 3.00More Info
04/10/1706:00 PMConsumer LendingWest Springfield MA 3.00More Info
04/10/17AnyConsumer LendingOn-Line 3.00More Info
04/10/17AnyHuman Resource ManagementOn-Line 3.00More Info
04/10/1702:30 PMExcel Explained: Minimize Spreadsheet ErLive Webinar 0.25More Info
04/11/1711:00 AMReg CC Check HoldsLive Webinar 0.25More Info
04/11/1702:30 PMOpening New Accounts 3 Part SeriesLive Webinar 0.25More Info
04/11/1702:30 PMOpening New Accounts Part ILive Webinar 0.25More Info
04/12/1711:00 AMSafe Deposit Box Danger ZonesLive Webinar 0.25More Info
04/12/1702:30 PMBoosting Morale Service and Cross SellinLive Webinar 0.25More Info
04/13/1706:00 PMNotary Public WorkshopCheektowaga NY 0.25More Info
04/13/1711:00 AMBasic Bankruptcy for BankersLive Webinar 0.25More Info
04/17/17AnyMarketingOn-Line 3.00More Info
04/17/17AnyOrganizational BehaviorOn-Line 3.00More Info
04/17/17AnyPrinciples of BankingOn-Line 3.00More Info
04/17/17AnyReal Estate FinanceOn-Line 3.00More Info
04/18/1711:00 AMOpening New Accounts Part II Bus AccountLive Webinar 0.25More Info
04/18/1702:30 PMDealing With AppraisalsLive Webinar 0.25More Info
04/19/1709:00 AMLoan Documentation - 2 DayWestminster CO 1.00More Info
04/19/1709:00 AMLoan Documentation - PrinciplesWestminster CO 0.50More Info
04/19/1706:00 PMNotary Public WorkshopLatham NY 0.25More Info
04/19/1711:00 AMAnalyzing Tax Returns Mortgage DecisionsLive Webinar 0.25More Info
04/19/1702:30 PMRobbery Prevention and ResponseLive Webinar 0.25More Info
04/20/1709:00 AMLoan Documentation - AdvancedWestminster CO 0.50More Info
04/20/1711:00 AMFFIEC Mobile Services Guidance ReviewLive Webinar 0.25More Info
04/21/1711:00 AMAdv Lending Techniques Loan HedgingLive Webinar 0.25More Info
04/23/1704:00 PMCommercial Lending SchoolSt. Louis MO 3.00More Info
04/23/1706:00 PMAgricultural Lending SchoolSt. Louis MO 3.00More Info
04/24/17AnyBusiness MathOn-Line 3.00More Info
04/24/17AnyLaw and Banking: ApplicationsOn-Line 3.00More Info
04/24/17AnyMoney and BankingOn-Line 3.00More Info
04/24/17AnyStatisticsOn-Line 3.00More Info
04/24/17AnySupervisionOn-Line 3.00More Info
04/24/1702:30 PMComml and Bus Lend Basics Support PersLive Webinar 0.25More Info
04/25/1702:30 PMCDD and the 5th PillarLive Webinar 0.25More Info
04/25/1711:00 AMDeposit Analysis for Today's EnvironmentLive Webinar 0.25More Info
04/26/1711:00 AMCRA Review and UpdateLive Webinar 0.25More Info
04/26/1702:30 PMOpening New Accts III - Trust Fiduciary Live Webinar 0.25More Info
04/27/1711:00 AMACH Exception ProcessingLive Webinar 0.25More Info
04/27/1702:30 PMCredit Card ComplianceLive Webinar 0.25More Info
05/01/17AnyAccounting On-Line 3.00More Info
05/01/17AnyAnalyzing Financial StatementsOn-Line 3.00More Info
05/01/17AnyBank Secrecy Act (Self Paced Online)On-Line 0.25More Info
05/01/17AnyDeposit Accounts and ServicesOn-Line 2.00More Info
05/01/17AnyHuman RelationsOn-Line 3.00More Info
05/01/17AnyIRA Overview (Self-Paced)On-Line 0.25More Info
05/01/17AnyPrinciples of BankingOn-Line 3.00More Info
05/02/1711:00 AMOpening Accts for Non Profits CharitiesLive Webinar 0.25More Info
05/08/1709:00 AMFederal Compliance SchoolWindsor Locks CT 35.50More Info
05/08/17AnyConsumer LendingOn-Line 3.00More Info
05/08/17AnyEconomicsOn-Line 3.00More Info
05/08/17AnyLaw and Banking: PrinciplesOn-Line 3.00More Info
05/14/1704:00 PMCommercial Lending SchoolWindsor Locks CT 3.00More Info
05/15/17AnyBusiness CommunicationOn-Line 3.00More Info
05/15/17AnyCommercial LendingOn-Line 3.00More Info
05/15/17AnySelling FundamentalsOn-Line 3.00More Info
05/17/1709:00 AMBasic CashFlow AnalysisWestminster CO 0.50More Info
05/17/1701:00 PMBranding Customer Exp. - Cultural Exp.Cranford NJ 0.25More Info
05/17/1709:00 AMCash Flow Analysis WorkshopWestminster CO 1.00More Info
05/17/1709:00 AMIncreasing Your Active Listening & Comm.Cranford NJ 0.25More Info
05/17/1705:30 PMEconomic OutlookPlantsville CT 0.00More Info
05/17/1709:00 AMCall Center Combined Half Day WorkshopsCranford NJ 0.25More Info
05/18/1709:00 AMAdvanced Cashflow AnalysisWestminster CO 0.50More Info
05/22/1708:30 AMLegal Iss. Of New Account DocumentationRound Rock TX 0.25More Info
05/22/17AnyMarketingOn-Line 3.00More Info
05/22/17AnyPrinciples of BankingOn-Line 3.00More Info
05/23/1706:00 PMActive Shooter & Bank Robbery SituationsMankato MN 0.25More Info
05/23/1708:30 AMLegal Iss. Of New Account DocumentationTyler TX 0.25More Info
05/24/1708:30 AMLegal Iss. Of New Account DocumentationFort Worth TX 0.25More Info
05/26/1708:30 AMLegal Iss. Of New Account DocumentationEagle Lake TX 0.25More Info
05/29/17AnyCustomer Service ExcellenceOn-Line 2.00More Info
06/05/1709:00 AMFederal Compliance SchoolGolden CO 35.50More Info
06/05/17AnyAccounting On-Line 3.00More Info
06/05/17AnyBank Secrecy Act (Self Paced Online)On-Line 0.25More Info
06/05/17AnyBusiness MathOn-Line 3.00More Info
06/05/17AnyFinancial AccountingOn-Line 3.00More Info
06/05/17AnyFuture of Business, TheOn-Line 3.00More Info
06/05/17AnyIRA Overview (Self-Paced)On-Line 0.25More Info
06/05/17AnyMoney and BankingOn-Line 3.00More Info
06/05/17AnyResidential Mortgage LendingOn-Line 3.00More Info
06/05/17AnySupervisionOn-Line 3.00More Info
06/12/17AnyAnalyzing Financial StatementsOn-Line 3.00More Info
06/12/17AnyLeading Your People to SuccessOn-Line 2.00More Info
06/12/17AnyPrinciples of BankingOn-Line 3.00More Info
06/12/17AnyReal Estate AppraisalOn-Line 3.00More Info
06/12/1705:30 PMAnnual Golf OutingFarmington CT 0.00More Info
06/13/1710:00 AMBank Trainers ConferenceSan Diego CA 1.00More Info
06/19/17AnyCommercial LendingOn-Line 3.00More Info
06/19/17AnyReal Estate LawOn-Line 3.00More Info
AnyAnyCFT SmartPros Banking CatalogBanking Catalog 1.00More Info
AnyAnyAccounting Self-Study 3.00More Info
AnyAnyAccounting BasicsSelf-Study 3.00More Info
AnyAnyAdvertisingSelf-Study 3.00More Info
AnyAnyAgricultural LendingSelf-Study 3.00More Info
AnyAnyAnalyzing Financial StatementsSelf-Study 3.00More Info
AnyAnyBank ManagementSelf-Study 3.00More Info
AnyAnyBusiness CommunicationSelf-Study 3.00More Info
AnyAnyBusiness EthicsSelf-Study 2.00More Info
AnyAnyBusiness MathSelf-Study 3.00More Info
AnyAnyCommercial LendingSelf-Study 3.00More Info
AnyAnyCommunication Skills For BusinessSelf-Study 2.00More Info
AnyAnyConsumer LendingSelf-Study 3.00More Info
AnyAnyCustomer Service ExcellenceSelf-Study 2.00More Info
AnyAnyCustomer Service InnovationSelf-Study 2.00More Info
AnyAnye-CommerceSelf-Study 3.00More Info
AnyAnyEconomicsSelf-Study 3.00More Info
AnyAnyEffective Business WritingSelf-Study 2.00More Info
AnyAnyEmployment and Labor LawSelf-Study 3.00More Info
AnyAnyEssential Business English SkillsSelf-Study 2.00More Info
AnyAnyFinancial PlanningSelf-Study 3.00More Info
AnyAnyFraud ExaminationSelf-Study 3.00More Info
AnyAnyFuture of Business, TheSelf-Study 3.00More Info
AnyAnyHuman RelationsSelf-Study 3.00More Info
AnyAnyHuman Resource DevelopmentSelf-Study 3.00More Info
AnyAnyHuman Resource ManagementSelf-Study 3.00More Info
AnyAnyHuman Resource SelectionSelf-Study 3.00More Info
AnyAnyInternational Financial ManagementSelf-Study 3.00More Info
AnyAnyInterviewing & Hiring TechniquesSelf-Study 0.25More Info
AnyAnyLaw and Banking: ApplicationsSelf-Study 3.00More Info
AnyAnyLaw and Banking: PrinciplesSelf-Study 3.00More Info
AnyAnyLeading Your People to SuccessSelf-Study 2.00More Info
AnyAnyManagementSelf-Study 3.00More Info
AnyAnyManaging ChangeSelf-Study 2.00More Info
AnyAnyManaging Performance & ProductivitySelf-Study 2.00More Info
AnyAnyMarketingSelf-Study 3.00More Info
AnyAnyMoney and BankingSelf-Study 3.00More Info
AnyAnyMotivating Your StaffSelf-Study 0.25More Info
AnyAnyOrganizational BehaviorSelf-Study 3.00More Info
AnyAnyPractell: Online Teller TrainingSelf-Study 2.00More Info
AnyAnyPrinciples of BankingSelf-Study 3.00More Info
AnyAnyProject ManagementSelf-Study 2.00More Info
AnyAnyProject Management-New Product DevelopmeSelf-Study 3.00More Info
AnyAnyProject Management-The Managerial ProcesSelf-Study 3.00More Info
AnyAnyCFT SmartPros HR Compliance CatalogHR Compliance Catalog 1.00More Info
AnyAnyReal Estate AppraisalSelf-Study 3.00More Info
AnyAnyReal Estate FinanceSelf-Study 3.00More Info
AnyAnyReal Estate LawSelf-Study 3.00More Info
AnyAnyResidential Mortgage LendingSelf-Study 3.00More Info
AnyAnySales ExcellenceSelf-Study 2.00More Info
AnyAnySelling FundamentalsSelf-Study 3.00More Info
AnyAnyStatisticsSelf-Study 3.00More Info
AnyAnySupervisionSelf-Study 3.00More Info
AnyAnyTeller OperationsSelf-Study 2.00More Info
AnyAnyThe 21st Century SupervisorSelf-Study 2.00More Info
AnyAnyWills, Trust and Estate AdministrationSelf-Study 3.00More Info