Leading the Courtney Museum Simulation

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Continuing Education Credits: CEUs: 1 (Contact Hours: 10 hours) HRCIs: 10 (Type: Specified – Strategic Business) SHRMs: 10 CFREs: 10

Estimated time to complete:  10 hours (180 days access time)

Self-Paced Online Course Description:

Whether you have years of experience in the nonprofit sector, or you’re considering a possible career shift, this simulation is designed to challenge and engage participants while exploring key real-world leadership issues confronted by nonprofit managers. The learner assumes the role of executive director of the troubled Courtney Museum, and deals with a series of personnel, marketing, financial, and board and community relations issues. As the learner makes tough decisions, an adaptive scoreboard reflects the impact of those choices on the museum’s prospects. Video commentary from experienced nonprofit leaders provides qualitative context and explores the consequences of choosing different paths for reviving the museum.

What You Will Learn:

  • Practice taking charge as a new leader
  • Balance competing interests, such as board wishes, community desires, and financial needs
  • Understand the board-director relationship and board governance issues
  • Deal with controversial decisions and the potential for negative publicity
  • Analyze financial data and use that information to make educated decisions
  • Examine different market segments and assess their attractiveness
  • Compare and contrast marketing proposals and determining their strengths and weaknesses
  • Find compromises that meet short and long-term financial objectives

Key Features:

  1. Mobile-friendly
  2. Simulation technology
  3. Badge and credit-awarding
  4. Fully accessible
  5. Expert-supported
  6. Video content

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