Transferring College Courses to CFT

You can earn a CFT Diploma or Certificate even faster if you transfer your college credits to CFT!

You can transfer up to half of the course credits needed for each CFT diploma or certificate from a college, university, or other educational organization.  Any course considered for transferability  must have a grade of C or better.

CFT has a long history of accepting college classes for credit towards our diploma and certificate programs. CFT will also consider awarding credit for other training programs (including internal training) on a case-by-case basis. The one class that we do not allow as a transfer into CFT is Principles of Banking. We have found there are many programs that may seem similar, but they do not cover the full range of topics that our Principles of Banking course does. Additionally, since it is a requirement on all of our diploma and certificate programs, it is very important to us that it be the CFT Principles of Banking course.

Please complete a RECORDKEEPING SERVICES REQUEST FORM to have your college credits evaluated and to receive a free consultation as to how your college credits will apply to each of the CFT diplomas and certificates.

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