The Center for Financial Training (CFT) provides training solutions to the financial services industry nationwide!  We have something for everyone from Tellers to Lenders and Beyond.  In addition to webinars and traditional courses such as Principles of Banking, Commercial Lending, Analyzing Financial Statements, and Economics, today’s CFT also features:

Instructor Led Online Courses: With no set day/time during the weeks of training, our Online courses are quite literally Anytime/Anywhere format!  Any of our online classes can be made exclusive to your employees.  It only takes a minimum of five students to make this happen! Online courses can be found on our website under Education & Training “Instructor Led Online Courses” or by clicking this link Instructor Led Online Courses

Guided Self-Study Courses:  Guided Self-Study Courses are student-friendly, college level courses that allow you to take control of your busy schedule. You will study on your own, however you will have a qualified instructor only a telephone call or e-mail away.  Guided Self-Study courses can be found on our website under Education & Training “Self-Study Courses” or by clicking this link Self-Study Courses

Self-Paced Online Courses: Hot Topic specific courses ranging from 1.5 to 40 hours.  Students say our  lineup of courses are relevant, interactive, and fun.   Each course offers continuing education credits, many with SHRM’s and HRCI credits.  Topics include training for Human Resource Managers to Tellers to Customer Service Representatives, there is something for everyone.  Self-Paced Online Courses can be found on our website under Education & Training “Self-Paced Online Courses” or by clicking this link Self-Paced Online Courses

Webinars: Our current and industry specific webinars have a variety of viewing options available that will fit into any schedule.  Webinars can be purchased Live, OnDemand or via Digital Download.  For a complete list of Live Webinars, visit our website under Education & Training “Live Webinars” or by clicking this link Live Webinars.  For a complete list of webinars OnDemand, visit our website under Education & Training “Recorded Webinars” or by clicking this link OnDemand Webinars.   Are you a Credit Union looking for Credit Union Specific webinars? We have options for you! visit our website under Education & Training “Credit Union Specific Webinars or by clicking this link Credit Union Specific Webinars.

Live E-Classroom Programs:  CFT offers many Live E-Classroom training programs each month.  From training Branch Managers to Tellers, we have the training for you.  Our Live E-Classroom training takes traditional live in-person programs to the comfort of your office or home making training convenient. Live E-Classroom training gives you the power to be present and interact with the facilitator so you are sure not to miss a beat!  Live E-Classroom can be found on our website under Live E-Classroom Training.

Industry-Recognized Diplomas & Certificates:  CFT offers industry-recognized diplomas and certificates designed for your employees, with concentrations in key areas of the financial services industry.  You can find the full list by visiting our website under Diplomas & Certificates “Diploma and Certificate Options or by clicking this link Diploma and Certificate Options.

Specialty Schools and Conferences: CFT’s current line-up includes the Federal Compliance School, the Commercial Lending School , and the Bank Trainers Conference held annually.

College Credit Transfer:  Your financial institution can save hundreds (sometimes even thousands) of dollars in college tuition reimbursement expense when your employees take CFT courses and transfer the American Council on Education (ACE) approved credits to a college or university for their degree.

No Membership Fee:  CFT’s competitively priced courses, seminars, webinars, and schools are open to anyone in the financial services industry.

CFT Training on Demand!  CFT offers training programs either “off the shelf” or customized to your institution’s particular needs upon demand. We provide expert instructors and customized solutions delivered to you in-house.  CFT credits may be awarded for in-house customized courses to employees who are working toward a CFT diploma or certificate!

Want more information about CFT and what we can do for you? Contact us. We are happy to help!

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