We Live in interesting times.  Anywhere you look on the globe today, economic and social pressures are forcing managers to rethink how people get paid and what difference it makes.  Traditional approaches to compensation and being questioned.  But what is being achieved by all this experimentation and Change? What is merely fad and fashion, and what, instead, is supported by the evidence?  This course focuses on the strategic choices in managing compensation.  Major compensation issues are discussed in the context of current theory, research, and practice.  The practices illustrate new developments as well as established approaches to compensation decisions.

This course takes a three-pronged approach to compensation by focusing on theory, research, and practice. IT continues to emphasize the importance of total compensation and its relevance for achieving sustainable competitive advantage.

Table of Contents:

PART I: Introducing the Pay Model and Pay Strategy
Chapter 1: The Pay Model
Chapter 2: Strategy: The Totality of Decisions

PART II: Internal Alignment: Determining the Structure
Chapter 3: Defining Internal Alignment
Chapter 4: Job Analysis
Chapter 5: Job-Based Structures and Job Evaluation
Chapter 6: Person-Based Structures

PART III: External Competitiveness: Determining the Pay Level
Chapter 7: Defining Competitiveness
Chapter 8: Designing Pay Levels, Mix, and Pay

PART IV: Employee Contributions: Determining Individual Pay
Chapter 9: Pay-for-Performance: Theory and Evidence
Chapter 10: Pay-for-Performance: Types of Plans
Chapter 11: Performance Appraisals

PART V: Employee Benefits
Chapter 12: The Benefit Determination Process
Chapter 13: Benefit Options

PART VI: Extending the System
Chapter 14: Compensation of Special Groups: Executives and Others
Chapter 15: Union Role in Wage and Salary Administration
Chapter 16: International Pay Systems

PART VII: Managing the System
Chapter 17: Government and Legal Issues in Compensation
Chapter 18: Management: Making It Work

Audience:This course is tailored for Human Resources professionals and managers seeking to unlock the secrets of modern compensation management.

It’s your opportunity to lead confidently in an ever-changing world and create strategies that drive your organization to new heights. Join us on this captivating journey, and let’s navigate the exciting world of strategic compensation management together.

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