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Continuing Education Credits: Total PDUs/Contact Hours: 3 Strategic & Business Management PDUs: 0.75 Technical PM PDUs: 0.25 CEUs: .3 (Contact Hours: 3 hours) SHRMs: 3

Estimated time to complete:  3 hours

Self-Paced Online Course Description:

Introduction to Management is designed for current and prospective managers seeking to understand the foundations of effective management. Managers are employed across industries, functions, and organizational structures to oversee different-sized depart-ments, teams, and groups of workers. However, there are fundamental tools, techniques, skills, and competencies that can help all managers navigate workplace relationships, coach and mentor employees, and lead high-performing teams in accordance with HR laws and managerial best practices. This course will dive into these topics and test acquired knowledge through exercises, games, review checkpoints, and a final assessment.

What You Will Learn:

  • Identify key strategies for managing people, including remote workers 
  • Distinguish between managers and individual contributors as well as the various types of organizational structures 
  • Describe the process of hiring, training, and developing employees and memorize key HR laws
  • Support an empowered team and promote high employee performance 
  • Identify the various types of difficult employee behavior and understand when to coach, discipline, or terminate an employee 
  • Demonstrate emotional intelligence and identify strategies for in-person and virtual communication 
  • Determine what should occur before, during, and after a meeting
  •  Approach negotiation thoughtfully by considering the negotiation type and employing tools like reservation price, ZOPA, and BATNA 
  • Demonstrate time management skills, including prioritization and setting SMART goals 
  • Support change initiatives within your organization and minimize employee resistance

Key Features:

  1. Mobile-friendly
  2. Audio-enabled
  3. Badge and credit-awarding
  4. Fully accessible
  5. Games & Flashcards
  6. Expert-supported
  7. Video content

Price:  $79.00

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