About CFT and Banker Education

Improve Staff Performance and Company Performance Improves!

That’s why the Center for Financial Training – the training partner for banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions – is changing to meet the needs of today’s challenging business environment by offering comprehensive, up-to-date, training and education that will help your company achieve its goals! It takes more than just keeping up with the changes in this dynamic industry to keep your competitive edge – you’ve got to stay ahead of the changes!

Mission Statement

The Center for Financial Training is dedicated to providing professionally administered education and training that continually meets the needs of banks, credit unions, and other employees in the financial services industry.

History of the Center for Financial Training

Since 1901, CFT has served the educational needs of the financial services industry and currently enrolls more than 10,000 financial institution employees in a variety of education and training programs each year. CFT’s staff is dedicated to the careers of Banking Professionals and Services Banks and Credit Unions across the United States and Overseas.

Today’s CFT

  • is a leader in providing the most current training available at a time and place convenient for you
  • offers training with immediate on-the-job applications, coupled with programs of study that award industry-recognized certificates and diplomas
  • offers flexible formats that fit every need: traditional classroom instruction, customized in-house online courses, webinars, online courses, guided self-study, self-paced online courses, and live e-classroom training.
  • offers a comprehensive variety of training designed to make a difference at every level of responsibility

CFT is the industry’s first choice for professional development solutions!

Why CFT is Your First Choice for Professional Training

  • CFT specializes in education and training solutions for banks and credit unions, featuring the popular course Principles of Banking
  • CFT delivers education and training in today’s relevant topics, including: accounting and finance; credit and lending; management and supervision; communication skills; retail banking and teller operations; sales and service; operations and technology
  • CFT offers results-oriented training with immediate on-the-job relevance
  • CFT is the financial industry’s leader in value and effectiveness
  • CFT provides networking opportunities with leaders throughout the financial institution industry
  • CFT programs enhances internal education programs already in place
  • CFT delivers a comprehensive curriculum of more than 100 programs
  • CFT diplomas and certificates, college credit, and certification credit may be earned by students
  • CFT instructors are “subject matter experts” with a proven track record

CFT training and education is available for all levels of employees:

  • Entry-level
  • Supervisory
  • Management

CFT offers flexible scheduling options to fit every student’s needs:

  • Professional development webinars
  • Online, Self-study, Live E-Classroom and Self-Paced Online courses featuring college level curriculum
  • Customized, on-site training

How your company benefits from “The CFT Advantage”

  • Improved productivity and profitability
  • Improved employee retention and morale
  • Increase customer satisfaction and retention
  • Informed employees stay on top of compliance issues, decreasing company liability

What Students Say about CFT

“I have been a teller for the last three years at One Community Bank and I am looking to explore different areas of banking to see what parts of banking interest me the most. I have co-workers that have taken Principles of Banking as well. As they were going through the class, I saw them become more confident and understanding of a lot of different areas of the bank and they helped explain to me different regulations. I have seen how this class impacts others and look forward to seeing how it helps me in my banking journey!”

“Being able to leverage CFT’s fantastic instructors and courses has ensured that our team members receive up-to-date, relevant learning opportunities when it’s right for them. The Diploma and Certificate programs are motivating to our team members. The well-thought out programs help guide each learner to mastery in that particular area. Our team members appreciate being able to track their progress toward a diploma or certificate, taking courses in a variety of delivery methods when they have the time to invest. Whether a program takes a team member 6 months or 6 years to complete, their pride in the accomplishment is visible, and, as a Bank, we have the confidence that the time invested in their CFT coursework is sharpening skills and enhancing performance.”

I’ve have had the pleasure of being a student with CFT for 6 years and could never have imagined the positive impact and overall experience it would have on my career and personal goals. The structure and wide variety courses have enabled me to continue with my objective of achieving a diploma in my field while being a full-time working professional. While the online courses have been fantastic, for me, the freedom of the self-study delivery option has meant everything; the flexibility with my demanding schedule is invaluable and has shaved years off my original targeted outline. The courses themselves have often been aligned with current strategies I am working on and added valuable input to my approaches. In addition, the numerous certificate and degree options also allow for a sense of periodic accomplishment while working toward a larger goal. These milestones have been extremely beneficial and provide motivation to keep going, especially when life may feel overwhelming. Likewise, the helpful instructors and other contacts are always positive, supportive, and show a genuine interest for you to succeed. In turn, I have also valued the internal network that being a student of CFT has created in my institution. I have the ability to connect and collaborate with colleagues on a different level and become a proctor and mentor for my own employees which is immensely rewarding.

“I truly appreciate the professional learning offered thru CFT – these classes have made a huge impact on my career.”-Alexandra K

“My experience with CFT has been very informative and exciting. My instructor is wonderful. She has a very special quality about her that makes you look forward to the next class.”

“I’m taking CFT classes to learn more, complete my diplomas and build confidence in what I do. The classes I’ve taken have helped me get promoted.”

“CFT courses have made me more knowledgeable about banking overall and have made my job easier when customers ask questions about other departments in the bank.”

“The instructor made the information very interesting therefore a lot of things came together for me.”

“The CFT teacher had great communication skills. Can relate to various circumstances in every situation. She was very helpful, very personable. She was interesting and held my attention.”

“The instructor is very enthusiastic. She takes pride in her job and encourages others to take pride in their position. I enjoyed spending time in her class.”

CFT Faculty

CFT course instructors have college degrees and/or work experience in the subject matter taught, making them a valuable resource for our students. CFT Instructors are skilled presenters and all courses are taught using textbooks specific to the financial services industry.

CFT seminar and webinar leaders are topic experts with superior presentation skills using high quality, practical handout materials.

Instructors Wanted!

The Center for Financial Training is regularly seeking quality instructor candidates for online and classroom based courses and training.

If you have previously taught or conducted training programs, and/or you have extensive work experience in a subject which is related to banking, please contact us to further discuss CFT teaching opportunities.  Email Emily@CFTeducation.org

CFT reaffirms its standing commitment to the principle that all employment decisions shall be made on a non-discriminatory basis, without regard to an applicant’s or employee’s race, creed, national origin, gender, age, and/or disability.

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