Why Sponsor CFT’s Live In-Person Schools? 

Exposure to a Captive Audience 

Connect with our diverse and engaged audience and take advantage of this unique opportunity to showcase your brand. Attendees to our event include financial services professionals from various roles, including lenders, officers, supervisors, and more!  

Brand Visibility 

By sponsoring our event, your brand can be prominently featured in our event marketing materials, including:  

  • Event website 
  • Promotional emails 
  • Social media campaigns 
  • Event signage 

Community Impact 

Support education and community development by associating your brand with an event focused on fostering learning, collaboration, and innovation. 

Sponsor Item  Details   Sponsor Amount  Number Available 
Logo on Presentation Slides  Logo printed on bottom of each slide during all presentations  $   350.00  3 
Ad in Looping Video During Breaks  Ad space in looping video played during breaks and intersessions  $   250.00  5 
Bag Stuffer  Item of choice put in attendee welcome bags  $   350.00  5 
Dedicated Email  1 dedicated email sent to all attendees prior to the event.   $   500.00  2 
Name Badges  Logo printed on attendee name badges  $   500.00  1 
Logo on Registration Site  Logo on registration website  $   500.00  5 
Logo on Promotional Emails  Logo on emails sent to public about event  $  1,000.00  3 
Event signage  Logo on signage for event  $    500.00  4 
Lunch Sponsor  Logo on signage for lunch, all 4 days of schools  $  2,500.00  1 
Breakfast Sponsor  Logo on signage for breakfast, all 4 days of schools  $  2,500.00  1 
Morning Break Sponsor  Logo on signage for morning breaks, all 4 days of schools  $ 1,500.00  1 
Afternoon Break Sponsor  Logo on signage for afternoon breaks, all 4 days of schools  $  1,500.00  1 

How to Become a Sponsor 

Contact Emily Laroche, Business Development Manager,  Emily@CFTeducation.org  

Thank you for considering sponsorship of CFT’s Live In-Person Schools. Your support is instrumental in making this event a success and advancing education in our community. 

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