Introduction to Critical Thinking

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Estimated time to complete:  7 hours (90 days access time)

Continuing Education Credits:  CEUs: .7 (Contact Hours: 7 hours) HRCIs: 7

Self Paced Online Course Description

Critical thinking is an intellectual model for reasoning through issues to reach well-founded conclusions. It may be the single-most valuable skill that one can bring to any job, profession, or life challenge. Being able to ask the right questions, critique an argument, and logically dissect an issue occur constantly in the workplace and our lives. This introductory-level course is designed to help learners define and identify critical thinking and reasoning skills and develop those skills.

What You Will Learn:

  • Define critical thinking, reasoning, and logic
  • Ask appropriate questions for critical thinking
  • Understand the process of systemic problem-solving
  • Identify and overcome barriers to critical thinking
  • Articulate common reasoning fallacies
  • Understand critical thinking as it pertains to the workplace

Key Features:

  1. Mobile-friendly
  2. Audio-enabled
  3. Badge and credit-awarding
  4. Real-world case studies
  5. Fully accessible
  6. Games & Flashcards
  7. Expert-supported
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