50 One Minute-Tips for Retaining Employees

This is a Guided Self-Study .25 credit course.  Upon registering, you will receive a textbook that includes activities and worksheets, a course outline and end of course quiz.  You will have UP TO 30 days to complete this course.

Are you struggling to keep your top talent engaged and motivated? Seeking innovative ways to retain your employees and build a resilient workforce? Look no further – we’ve got the perfect solution for you!

Introducing our exclusive .25 credit Employee Retention course, packed with 50 game-changing one-minute tips that will transform your workforce retention strategy like never before!

Course Description:

It is hard enough to retain highly trained and technical workers but facing the challenge of keeping hourly workers, getting new people off on the right foot, and training people to become good trainers are major challenges today. This course teaches quick ideas for employers to develop and implement their employee retention initiatives.

Table of Contents:

Strategy 1: Follow Sound Management Advice
Tip 1: Serve First and Lead Second
Tip 2: Establish Your Employee Average Retention Rate
Tip 3: Estimate Your Turnover Costs
Tip 4: Follow All Applicable Federal and State Child Labor Laws
Tip 5: Eliminate Workers Who Won’t
Tip 6: Eliminate Managers Who Can’t
Tip 7: Manage Your Customers

Strategy 2: Make First Impressions Count (Orientation)
Tip 8: Understand the Role of Starting Wages
Tip 9: Inform Employees About Their Total Compensation
Tip 10: Explain the Long-Term Benefits of Staying
Tip 11: Share Your Vision
Tip 12: Motivate Entry-Level Employees
Tip 13: Conduct an Entrance Interview
Tip 14: Create Career Ladders

Strategy 3: Train! Train! Train! (and Do It Correctly)
Tip 15: Invest in Training
Tip 16: Encourage employees to Try Your Product or Service
Tip 17: Train Trainers to Train
Tip 18: Reward Your Trainers
Tip 19: Relieve Trainers of Other Job Duties
Tip 20: Conduct Pre-Shift Training

Strategy 4: Maintain a Professional Workplace
Tip 21: Strictly Enforce a Zero-Tolerance Harassment Policy
Tip 22: Create a Culturally Diverse Workforce
Tip 23: Make Employee Safety a Top Priority
Tip 24: Ensure Reasonable Accommodations for Disabled Employees
Tip 25: Share Financial Numbers with Employees

Strategy 5: Supervise As You Would Like to Be Supervised
Tip 26: Enforce ‘On-Time’ Policies Fairly and Consistently
Tip 27: Be Careful Not to Over-Schedule
Tip 28: Give Employees a Personal Copy of Their Work Schedule
Tip 29: Seek Out Employee Assistance Programs
Tip 30: Invite ‘Fast-Track’ Employees to Attend Management Meetings
Tip 31: Implement a ‘Catch the Employee Doing Something Right’ Program
Tip 32: Conduct an Exit Interview with Employees Who Leave

Strategy 6: Encourage Ongoing Communication
Tip 33: Hold Employee-Focused Meetings for Non-Management
Tip 34: Communicate the Benefits of Your Unique Organization
Tip 35: Create an Employee Retention Council
Tip 36: Recognize Employee Birthdays
Tip 37: Make Daily ‘Howdy’ Rounds

Strategy 7: Create a Friendly Workplace
Tip 38: Use Employee Recognition Programs
Tip 39: Build a Great Team and Praise It Often
Tip 40: Write a Personal Letter to Parents of Teenage Employees
Tip 41: Share Scheduling Responsibilities with Employees
Tip 42: Reward Employees Who Work on Non-Scheduled Days
Tip 43: Invite Family Members of New Employees to Visit Your Workplace
Tip 44: Make the Workplace Fun

Strategy 8: Help Your Employees Succeed
Tip 45: Identify State-Approved (Licensed) Childcare Options
Tip 46: Reward Success in Each Employee
Tip 47: Recognize Your Employees’ Eldercare Responsibilities
Tip 48: Don’t Punish Your Best for Being Good
Tip 49: Go to Lunch
Tip 50: Help Employees Learn About Public Transportation Systems

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