Human Resources Courses

Human resources education is covered extensively in CFT’s curriculum.  From understanding organizational behavior to leadership courses, you will find a wide-range of programs that provide the group dynamic activities you need to ensure effective individual and group decision making.  Please see the current schedule of courses and webinars below:

Start DateStart TimeProgram TitleFormat/LocationPrice
AnyAnyHR Ethics Series: Theories of EthicsSelf-Paced Online$39.00More Info
AnyAnyExam Prep Course aPHR™Self-Paced Online$349.00More Info
AnyAnyHR Hot Topics BundleSelf-Paced Online$259.00More Info
AnyAnyHR Hot Topic: Flexible Work ArrangementsSelf-Paced Online$39.00More Info
AnyAnyHR Hot Topic: The Future of WorkSelf-Paced Online$39.00More Info
AnyAnyHR Hot Topic: Pay EquitySelf-Paced Online$39.00More Info
AnyAnyCollaborating For Success BundleSelf-Paced Online$299.00More Info
AnyAnyHR Hot Topic: Recruiting Multi-Generational EmployeesSelf-Paced Online$39.00More Info
AnyAnyBuilding an Inclusive OrganizationSelf-Paced Online$79.00More Info
AnyAnyExam Prep Course PHR®Self-Paced Online$349.00More Info
AnyAnyExam Prep Course SPHR®Self-Paced Online$349.00More Info
AnyAnyWorking RemotelySelf-Paced Online$79.00More Info
AnyAnyFostering an Inclusive CultureSelf-Paced Online$89.00More Info
AnyAnyHiring and Retaining Diverse TalentSelf-Paced Online$89.00More Info
AnyAnyLeading from a DistanceSelf-Paced Online$79.00More Info
AnyAnyVirtual TeamworkSelf-Paced Online$79.00More Info
AnyAnyHR Fundamentals for ManagersSelf-Paced Online$79.00More Info
AnyAnyBetter Proofreading and CopyeditingSelf-Paced Online$99.00More Info
AnyAnyOrganizational BehaviorSelf-Study$695.00More Info
AnyAnyHiring, Managing, and Developing TalentSelf-Paced Online$79.00More Info
AnyAnyBecoming a Better LeaderSelf-Paced Online$79.00More Info
AnyAnyHR Tools for Engaging Top PerformersSelf-Paced Online$79.00More Info
AnyAnyLeading High-Performance TeamsSelf-Paced Online$79.00More Info
AnyAnyWriting Better EmailsSelf-Paced Online$39.00More Info
AnyAnyEmployment and Labor LawSelf-Study$695.00More Info
AnyAnyHuman RelationsSelf-Study$695.00More Info
AnyAnyHuman Resource DevelopmentSelf-Study$695.00More Info
AnyAnyHuman Resource SelectionSelf-Study$695.00More Info
AnyAnyHR Ethics Series: Leadership and Organizational EthicsSelf-Paced Online$39.00More Info
AnyAnyHR Hot Topic: Employee ClassificationSelf-Paced Online$39.00More Info
AnyAnyInterviewing & Hiring TechniquesSelf-Study$475.00More Info
AnyAnyCERTIFICATE in Managing Change and Resolving ConflictSelf-Paced Online$630.00More Info
10/18/21Organizational BehaviorOn-Line$695.00More Info
10/19/2111:00 AMHR Basics for SupervisorsLive Webinar$265.00More Info
10/19/2111:00 AMHR Basics for SupervisorsLive & On-Demand$365.00More Info
10/25/21Human RelationsOn-Line$695.00More Info
10/26/2111:00 AMDiversity and Inclusion: Leveraging Your AAP Data and InsightsLive Webinar$265.00More Info
10/26/2111:00 AMDiversity and Inclusion: Leveraging Your AAP Data and InsightsLive & On-Demand$365.00More Info