Human Resources Courses

Human resources education is covered extensively in CFT’s curriculum.  From understanding organizational behavior to leadership courses, you will find a wide-range of programs that provide the group dynamic activities you need to ensure effective individual and group decision making.  Please see the current schedule of courses and seminars below:

Start DateStart TimeProgram TitleFormat/LocationPrice
01/07/19Human RelationsOn-Line$645.00More Info
01/28/19Organizational BehaviorOn-Line$645.00More Info
02/25/19Human RelationsOn-Line$645.00More Info
04/15/19Organizational BehaviorOn-Line$645.00More Info
04/29/19Human RelationsOn-Line$645.00More Info
AnyHuman RelationsSelf-Study$595.00More Info
AnyHuman Resource DevelopmentSelf-Study$595.00More Info
AnyEmployment and Labor LawSelf-Study$595.00More Info
AnyHuman Resource SelectionSelf-Study$595.00More Info
AnyOrganizational BehaviorSelf-Study$595.00More Info
AnyInterviewing & Hiring TechniquesSelf-Study$395.00More Info