Employee Training and Development

Course Description and Audience

Employee Training and Development covers and addresses the changes in training and development from an employer and employee perspective – adding value to the employer and employee.  Companies that use innovative training and development practices are likely to report better financial performance than their competitors that do not.  Training and development also help a company develop the human capital needed to meet competitive challenges. Many companies now recognize that learning through training, development, and knowledge management helps employees strengthen or increase their skills directly impacting their job performance, satisfaction, and career advancement.

Training has moved from an emphasis of a onetime event to the creation of conditions for learning that can occur through collaboration, online learning, traditional classroom training, or a combination of these methods.

Textbook Chapters include:

PART ONE: The Context for Training and Development 
Chapter One: Introduction to Employee Training and Development
Chapter Two: Strategic Training

PART TWO: Designing Training
Chapter Three: Needs Assessment
Chapter Four: Learning and Transfer of Training
Chapter Five: Program Design
Chapter Six: Training Evaluation

PART THREE: Training and Development Methods 
Chapter Seven: Traditional Training Methods
Chapter Eight: Technology-Based Training Methods
Chapter Nine: Employee Development and Career Management

PART FOUR: Social Responsibility and the Future 
Chapter Ten: Social Responsibility: Legal Issues, Managing Diversity, and Career Challenges
Chapter Eleven: The Future of Training and Development

Audience:  Financial Institution Trainers and Human Resources

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