Consumer, Commercial, Residential Lending Courses

Consumer Lending, Commercial Real Estate Law, and Real Estate lending courses online, in the classroom, or via self-study, will provide you with the credit skills you need to stay on top of consumer lending regulations and other important aspects of the lending function.  Below you will find the current schedule of consumer, real estate, and commercial lending courses:

Start DateStart TimeProgram TitleFormat/LocationPrice
09/04/17Real Estate AppraisalOn-Line$575.00More Info
09/07/1702:30 PMCml Loan Agreements CovenantsLive Webinar$265.00More Info
09/08/1711:00 AMLending to Local Government UnitsLive Webinar$265.00More Info
09/11/17Consumer LendingOn-Line$575.00More Info
09/11/17Commercial LendingOn-Line$575.00More Info
09/11/17Residential Mortgage LendingOn-Line$575.00More Info
09/11/1702:30 PMLoan Doc for Secured Cml Lending TransLive Webinar$265.00More Info
09/12/1702:30 PMCommercial Loan ChecklistsLive Webinar$265.00More Info
09/14/1709:00 AMIntroduction to Commercial LendingWestminster CO$350.00More Info
09/14/1702:30 PMUnderstanding RE Loan DocumentsLive Webinar$265.00More Info
09/19/1708:30 AMConsumer Lending AcceleratedMankato MN$450.00More Info
09/19/1702:30 PMEquipment Lease FinancingLive Webinar$265.00More Info
09/22/1711:00 AMOil and Gas Lending Structuring and RestLive Webinar$265.00More Info
09/25/1702:30 PMFair Lending Risk AssessmentLive Webinar$265.00More Info
10/09/17Consumer LendingOn-Line$575.00More Info
10/09/17Real Estate FinanceOn-Line$575.00More Info
10/23/17Commercial LendingOn-Line$575.00More Info
10/23/17Real Estate LawOn-Line$575.00More Info
10/30/17Residential Mortgage LendingOn-Line$575.00More Info
11/06/17Consumer LendingOn-Line$575.00More Info
11/09/1708:30 AMResidential Mortgage Lending AcceleratedMankato MN$450.00More Info
12/04/17Real Estate AppraisalOn-Line$575.00More Info
12/11/17Commercial LendingOn-Line$575.00More Info
12/11/17Residential Mortgage LendingOn-Line$575.00More Info
AnyReal Estate FinanceSelf-Study$575.00More Info
AnyReal Estate AppraisalSelf-Study$575.00More Info
AnyReal Estate LawSelf-Study$575.00More Info
AnyResidential Mortgage LendingSelf-Study$575.00More Info
AnyAgricultural LendingSelf-Study$575.00More Info
AnyCommercial LendingSelf-Study$575.00More Info
AnyConsumer LendingSelf-Study$575.00More Info