Agricultural Lending

Course Description and Audience

Financial Management in Agriculture develops and applies the concepts, analytical methods, and descriptive information about agricultural finance. Many of the important management responsibilities in agriculture involve finance. Examples are financial accounting, performance measurement, investment analysis, capital structure, risk management, credit risk assessments and lender-borrower relationships, financial contracting, leasing versus ownership, and legal forms of business organization. These functions apply in a generally similar fashion to agricultural producers, landowners and investors, and to the various types of financial institutions that provide credit and related financial services to agriculture.

Textbook chapter topics include:

  • Nature and Scope of Financial Management
  •  Financial Statements and Information Flows
  • Financial Analysis and Control
  • Financial Planning and Feasibility Analysis
  • Credit Risk Assessment and Lender-Borrower Relationships
  • Capital Structure Leverage and Financial Risk
  • Risk Management
  • The Time Value of Money
  • Investment Analysis
  • Costs of Financial Capital
  • Investment Analysis: Inflation Risk and Financial Planning
  • Ownership and Leasing of Farm Land
  • Leasing Non-Real Estate Assets
  • Market Structure of Agriculture: Contracts Integration and Financing
  • Financial Markets in a Global Setting The Management Environment for Financial Institutions
  •  Loan Pricing and Profitability Analysis
  • Financial Intermediaries in Agriculture
  • Legal Aspects of Agricultural Finance
  • Business Organization in Agriculture
  • Outside Equity Capital in Agriculture

Audience:  Students wanting to gain knowledge in the lending to agricultural customers.

Diplomas and Certificates Applicable to the Economics course:

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