Consumer Lending Course

The Consumer Lending course is ACE recommended for College Credit Transfer!

ACE Credit Recommendation Reference Number: CFTA-0007 (CFT Course Code: A205)

Course Description:

In this comprehensive overview of the consumer lending business, participants learn the essentials about closed-end loans, indirect loans and related credit products, and open-end credit products.  They also trace the consumer lending process from developing and taking loan applications to collection and recovery.  After successfully completing the consumer lending course, you will be able to:  describe key laws or regulations affecting consumer lending; list characteristics, benefits, and disadvantages of direct lending, indirect lending, and open-end credit products; explain how effective marketing can increase loans outstanding and application volume; describe consumer loan information sources and the credit verification process; explain how the five C’s of credit are used in credit evaluation and decision making.

Topics include:

  • Introduction to Consumer Loans
  • Laws and Regulations Affecting Consumer Loans
  • Interest
  • Applying for a Consumer Loan
  • Loan Underwriting
  • Establishing and Perfecting Security Interest
  • Document Preparation and Loan Closing
  • Servicing Consumer Loans
  • Loan Collections and Consumer Bankruptcy

Audience:  Designed for entry-level consumer lenders, consumer credit personnel, and bank and credit union employees who need to understand consumer credit.

Diplomas and Certificates Applicable to the Consumer Lending course:

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Jeff Smith
Jeff Smith

Jeff has been the Chief Lending Officer at Freedom Credit Union in Springfield, MA since 2013 and is in charge of managing the Commercial, Mortgage, and Consumer Lending portfolios, as well as the Col... read more.

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Consumer Lending3 06/26/2023 AnyOnlineOnline Jeff Smith$760.00 Register Now
Consumer Lending3 08/07/2023 AnyOnlineOnline Faculty$760.00 Register Now
Consumer Lending3 09/25/2023 AnyOnlineOnline Faculty$760.00 Register Now
Consumer Lending3 10/16/2023 AnyOnlineOnline Faculty$760.00 Register Now
Consumer Lending3 11/20/2023 AnyOnlineOnline Faculty$760.00 Register Now
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