Accounting and Finance Courses

CFT online accounting courses, along with the self-study and classroom formats, are designed for the banking industry.  Online accounting programs offer the convenience of studying and completing assignments on your own time, with the interactivity between the instructor and students available on the internet .  Whether you are ready to learn the fundamentals of accounting or more advanced accounting issues, the Center for Financial Training has a course for you.  Below you will find CFT’s current schedule of accounting courses:

Start DateStart TimeProgram TitleFormat/LocationPrice
AnyStatisticsSelf-Study$675.00More Info
AnyAccounting Self-Study$675.00More Info
AnyAccounting BasicsSelf-Study$675.00More Info
AnyInternational Financial ManagementSelf-Study$675.00More Info
07/20/20Accounting On-Line$675.00More Info
08/10/20Financial AccountingOn-Line$675.00More Info
09/07/20Accounting On-Line$675.00More Info
10/05/20Accounting On-Line$675.00More Info
10/12/20StatisticsOn-Line$675.00More Info
11/09/20Financial AccountingOn-Line$675.00More Info
11/09/20Accounting On-Line$675.00More Info