Accounting Basics Course

The Accounting Basics course provides a complete foundation in basic accounting procedures for students who have minimal or no college accounting or business background, need a refresher course on accounting fundamentals, or need to prepare for further accounting study.  Bank and Credit Union employees at all levels are encouraged to take this course if they have not already taken a college level Accounting course.  This course is a recommended prerequisite to the Accounting course.

Covered Topics Include:

  • Starting a Proprietorship: Changes That Affect the Accounting Equation
  • Analyzing Transactions into Debit and Credit Parts
  • Journalizing Transactions
  • Posting to a General Ledger
  • Cash Control Systems
  • Creating and Planning Work Sheet for a Service Business
  • Financial Statements for a Proprietorship
  • Recording Adjusting and Closing Entries for a Service Business
  • Journalizing Purchases and Cash Payments
  • Journalizing Sales and Cash Receipts Using Special Journals
  • Posting to General and Subsidiary Ledgers
  • Preparing Payroll Records
  • Payroll Accounting, Taxes and Reports
  • Distributing Dividends and Preparing a Work Sheet for a Merchandising Business
  • Financial Statements for a Corporation
  • Recording Adjusting and Closing Entries for a Corporation

Audience:  Students with little or no accounting background at any level.

Diplomas and Certificates Applicable to the Accounting Basics course:

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Kim Baker
Kim Baker

Kim has been in banking for over 30 years, starting as a teller and working her way up to Vice President, Commercial Loan Compliance and Operations Manager. She has been teaching online with CFT for ... read more.

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