Accounting Course

This Accounting Course is ACE recommended for college credit transfer!

ACE Credit Recommendation Reference Number: CFTA-0005 (CFT Course Code: A197)

Course Description:

The Accounting course teaches students the information needed to create financial statements, including trial balances, t-accounts, balance sheets, and various other accounts and their respective functions.  Emphasis is placed on the conceptual framework involved in the classification and summarization of financial data. Valuation of assets and liabilities and recognition of revenue and expenses under the accrual basis are emphasized.  Please note:  Students should expect 6-8 hours of homework each week.

eBook Chapters include:

  • Accounting: The Language of Business
  • Analyzing Business Transactions
  • Analyzing Business Transactions using T Accounts
  • The General Journal and the General Ledger
  • Adjustments and the Worksheet
  • Closing Entries and the Postclosing Trial Balance
  • Accounting for Sales and Accounts Receivable
  • Accounting for Purchases and Accounts Payable
  • Cash Receipts, Cash Payments, and Banking Procedures
  • Payroll Computations, Records, and Payment
  • Payroll Taxes, Deposits and Reports
  • Accruals, Deferrals, and the Worksheet
  • Financial Statements and Closing Procedures

Audience:  Students who require a fundamental knowledge of accounting

Diploma and Certificate Applications

eBook access included in tuition

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Mike Phillips
Mike Phillips

Mike Phillips CMA, CTP, CFM, CRP, CICA Mike is thankful for over 35 years of management, leadership and consulting experience within the community banking, publicly traded regional banking, and fi... read more.


Michael Mackay
Michael Mackay

Mike has recently retired after 30 years of work in the financial services field. Like many in the field, he started off as a teller and worked his way up to SVP. The major focus of his work was in ... read more.

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Accounting3 10/23/2023 Any 01/08/2024OnlineOnline Mike Phillips$760.00 Register Now
Accounting3 12/04/2023 Any 02/19/2024OnlineOnline Faculty$760.00 Register Now
Accounting3 01/08/2024 Any 03/25/2024OnlineOnline Faculty$795.00 Register Now
Accounting3 02/12/2024 Any 04/19/2024OnlineOnline Faculty$795.00 Register Now
Accounting3 04/08/2024 Any 06/24/2024OnlineOnline Faculty$795.00 Register Now
Accounting3 05/13/2024 Any 07/29/2024OnlineOnline Faculty$795.00 Register Now
Accounting3 07/29/2024 Any 10/14/2024OnlineOnline Faculty$795.00 Register Now
Accounting3 09/09/2024 Any 11/25/2024OnlineOnline Faculty$795.00 Register Now
Accounting3 10/21/2024 Any 01/06/2025OnlineOnline Faculty$795.00 Register Now
Accounting3 12/02/2024 Any 02/17/2025OnlineOnline Faculty$795.00 Register Now
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