Deposit Operations Courses

Deposit operations training, including IRA basics, is covered in a variety of CFT courses and seminars.  See below for the current schedule:

Start DateStart TimeProgram TitleFormat/LocationPrice
10/26/1711:00 AMIRAs Beyond The BasicsLive Webinar$265.00More Info
11/06/17IRA Overview (Self-Paced)On-Line$215.00More Info
11/16/1711:00 AM20 Legal Account Ownerships TitlesLive Webinar$265.00More Info
11/20/17Deposit Accounts and ServicesOn-Line$525.00More Info
12/01/1711:00 AMIRAs Way Beyond The BasicsLive Webinar$265.00More Info
12/04/17IRA Overview (Self-Paced)On-Line$215.00More Info
12/05/1711:00 AMIRA Audit And ComplianceLive Webinar$265.00More Info
01/08/18IRA Overview (Self-Paced)On-Line$225.00More Info
02/05/18IRA Overview (Self-Paced)On-Line$225.00More Info
02/12/18Deposit Accounts and ServicesOn-Line$545.00More Info
03/05/18IRA Overview (Self-Paced)On-Line$225.00More Info
04/02/18IRA Overview (Self-Paced)On-Line$225.00More Info
04/30/18Deposit Accounts and ServicesOn-Line$545.00More Info
05/07/18IRA Overview (Self-Paced)On-Line$225.00More Info
06/04/18IRA Overview (Self-Paced)On-Line$225.00More Info