The Employment Trilogy Series

Behavioral Interviewing, Onboarding, Establishing Expectations for Success!

This 3-session series is designed for managers who are responsible for interviewing and hiring their direct reports.  Whether you are a new or experienced hiring manager, current skills in behavioral interviewing, onboarding and establishing expectations with your new hire, and ensuring their success in the first 30 days are critical!  Not only will this contribute to your new employee’s success, but will also lower costly turnover.

This interactive and engaging three-day (2 hour) series will be offered via ZOOM on the following dates:

Session 1           September 13, 2023, 9am-11am  EST

Session 2           September 20, 2023, 9am-11am  EST

Session 3           September 27, 2023, 9am-11am  EST

Participants will be provided with valuable resource materials and will create action plans to take back to work for implementation!

Session 1: Effective Behavioral Interviewing Skills

Hiring managers are as important to the recruitment process as recruiters – if not more so! It’s so crucial that they know how to interview effectively to learn if the candidate is a great fit for the team and organization. This program will give hiring managers everything they need to be an effective, impartial interviewer so they hire the best candidate for the job.

Session 2: Onboarding

Onboarding employees is about more than HR paperwork and showing new hires to their desks!  The process of onboarding new employees can be one of the most critical factors in ensuring recently hired talent will be productive and contented workers in your culture.  In fact, research shows that onboarding is one of the most important parts of an employee’s experience. When done right, it not only sets new employees up for success but also promises many benefits for the organization. By the end of the session managers will know what it takes to create and implement a successful onboarding experience.

Session 3: Establishing Expectations for Success

The first 30 days are critical to a new employee’s success.  When the expectations of a manager are communicated clearly, direct reports feel confident in their abilities and can take ownership of their tasks.  Clear, specific expectations prevent misunderstanding and boosts overall productivity and engagement.

Managers will learn how to create effective employee expectations, how to clearly communicate expectations, ask questions to check for understanding, and offer feedback; all geared to insure the success of your new employee!

Audience: Managers who are responsible for interviewing and hiring their direct reports.

Registration:  Registration is per-participant


Gail Tilstra
Gail Tilstra

Gail is an accomplished human resources professional in the financial services industry. Throughout her expansive career, she has had responsibility and demonstrated success as a Senior Vice President... read more.

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