Meetings That Drive Results


More than ever today, organizations are requiring managers and employees to spend an increasing amount of time in meetings.  Whether the meetings are in person or virtual, it is important that the meetings are productive and efficient. 

“Meetings that Drive Results” provides managers and employees with skills that can be put to use immediately in order to run effective meetings.  Customized case studies align the concepts with the organization’s work environment.

Learning Outcomes

  • Top Reasons Why Meetings are Unproductive
  • When Not to Have a Meeting
  • Characteristics of Effective Meetings
  • Meeting Planning
  • Agenda Preparation
  • Effective Meeting Openers
  • Leading Meetings and Soliciting Input
  • Communication Techniques (including brainstorming)
  • Virtual Meetings
  • Handling Challenging Meeting Participants
  • Meeting Follow-Up to Maintain Momentum


Varies Based on Client Need


Managers and Employees


Group Discussions, Exercises, Lecturettes, Video, Case Studies and Workbook

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