Managing E-Mail and Not Letting It Manage You


Writing well remains one of the biggest challenges for managers.  Because everything we write is a representation of ourselves, our department, and our organization, it is important that we communicate clearly and professionally.  

“Managing e-mail and not Letting it Manage You”” examines the steps in the writing process – from brainstorming to proofreading.  This interactive workshop focuses on e-mail and provides practical strategies to streamline e-mail communication.  Techniques to help busy managers become more efficient with e-mail are also addressed.    

Learning Outcomes

  • Writing e-Mail Messages that are Concise and Results-Oriented
  • Beginning with Impact and Knowing Your Audience
  • Ensuring a Positive Tone with Your e-Mails
  • Time Management Techniques for Writing and Reading e-mails
  • Constructing Clear Thoughts
  • Grammar and Punctuation Review
  • Reducing Wordiness
  • Proofreading Tips


Varies Based on Client Need




Group Discussions, Exercises, Lecturettes, Self-Assessment, Critiquing of Sample e-Mails, and Workbook

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