Getting the Story: Financial Statement Analysis Conference

Assessing creditworthiness of a borrower is about information. Each borrower will have opportunities and obstacles to repayment of the loan. Bankers need to use the information available to identify those potential issues. One of the primary sources will be the financial statements of the borrower.

Financial statements are how the borrower keeps score on their management of the business. They represent how the borrower has responded to the marketplace factors impacting their business and themselves. Therefore, the banker can use the financial statements as a starting point in identifying the questions to ask about management performance. In “Getting the Story”, we will look at the issues of preparation of financial statements by the borrower; both Formal and Informal. Also, we will address the role of accountants, the use of financial statements in the credit decision process, and cash-focused analytical tools.

Financial Analysis is the tool we use to conduct a thorough assessment of commercial credit risk. Throughout the conference we will be working with the financial statement information but the focus will be on getting behind the numbers to address the credit risk issues impacting a borrower’s ability to repay.

In this three-day conference we will:

• Discuss the use of informal financial statements as analytical tools. This will include a discussion of Personal Financial Statements, 1040 Tax Return, and Personal Cash Flow.

• Review Accounting from the perspective of accountants. Then, shift to accounting for bankers and need to focus on cash outcomes.

• Present a Financial Statement Analysis Framework for getting at the key aspects of business financial statement analysis. The Framework will address the three key components of financial analysis—Comparisons, Ratios, and Cash Flow.

• Present and Discuss supporting cash analysis tools of Cash Drivers, Cash-to-Cash Cycle, and Cash Cycle.

• Utilize small group exercises and homework to compliment the in-class topics.

Who Should Attend:

This conference is appropriate for commercial bankers, loan review personnel, branch personnel (who do commercial lending), credit administrators, credit analysts, and credit department personnel.


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