Be Your Own Coach

This is a Guided Self-Study .25 credit course.  Upon registering, you will receive a textbook that includes activities and worksheets, a course outline and end of course quiz.  You will have UP TO 30 days to complete this course.

Course Description:

This course will show you how to recognize opportunities for personal and professional growth, define commitments to yourself and keep them, develop greater self-confidence and self-awareness, and understand the power of your feelings, moods, and reactions. It is possible for you to develop your own approach to learning and excel without the benefit of a formal coach. By developing self-coaching skills, you will empower yourself by creating new possibilities for growth for yourself and your organization.

Table of Contents:

Are You Coachable?

Part 1: Openings for Coaching
Four Opportunities for Coaching Yourself
Examples of Coaching Openings
Signs That You’ve Missed a Coaching Opening
The Coaching Approach

Part 2: In the Middle of This Road You Call Your Life
How Did You Get Where You Are?
What Is Your Story?
The Kaleidoscope View of Life
Identifying the Facts
Your Feelings
Your Moods
Your Words Create Your Reality
Right Speech
Your Desires
Your Intentions
Your Actions
Your Beliefs
The Only Way Out Is Forward
Four Stages of Movement

Part 3: The Coach’s Toolbox
Seven Tools for Achieving Breakthroughs
Tool 1: Choice Management
Tool 2: Moving to a New Domain
Tool 3: Self-Inquiry
Tool 4: Self-Observation
Tool 5: Practices
Tool 6: Commitment
Tool 7: Powerful Conversations and Effective Requests

Part 4: Supporting Yourself in the Coaching Process
Ways to Stay on Your New Path
Ways to Nurture Yourself During Your Process
Final Thoughts

Diplomas and Certificates Applicable to the Be Your Own Coach course:

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