Fraud Examination Course

Course Prerequisite Info

CFT strongly RECOMMENDS that students complete an Accounting or Financial Accounting course prior to taking the Fraud Examination course.

Course Description and Audience:

Learn to identify, detect, investigate, and prevent financial fraud with fraud examination. Study and understand the nature of fraud investigation today with memorable business examples and numerous actual fraud cases to ensure your understanding of today’s most important fraud concepts. Examine the many types of fraud–from tax fraud and e-business fraud, to consumer fraud–and review legal options for victims of fraud. Significant new discussion familiarizes students with forensic analysis. Throughout this course, technology is increasingly used to accomplish fraud and used to detect fraud.

Textbook chapters include:

  • Chapter 1: The Nature of Fraud
  • Chapter 2: Why People Commit Fraud
  • Chapter 3: Fighting Fraud: An Overview
  • Chapter 4: Preventing Fraud
  • Chapter 5: Recognizing the Symptoms of Fraud
  • Chapter 6: Data-Driven Fraud Detection
  • Chapter 7: Investigating Theft Acts
  • Chapter 8: Investigating Concealment
  • Chapter 9: Conversion Investigation Methods
  • Chapter 10: Inquiry Methods and Fraud Reports
  • Chapter 11: Financial Statement Fraud
  • Chapter 12: Revenue- and Inventory-Related Financial Statement Frauds
  • Chapter 13: Liability, Asset, and Inadequate Disclosure Frauds
  • Chapter 14: Fraud against Organizations
  • Chapter 15: Consumer Fraud
  • Chapter 16: Bankruptcy, Divorce, and Tax Fraud
  • Chapter 17: Fraud in E-Commerce
  • Chapter 18: Legal Follow-Up

Diploma and Certificate Applications for the Fraud Examination course:

eBook access included in tuition

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