PC Software Training

New Horizons and CFT

Since 1982, New Horizons Computer Learning Centers has grown to become the largest independent IT training company worldwide.  They offer more courses, at more times and in more locations than any other computer and business training company.  CFT is a longtime reseller of New Horizons training programs, and banks and credit union employees have benefitted from hundreds of course offerings, delivered by experts, and offered in hundreds of convenient locations around the world.

Solutions for Business

For many small, medium and large financial institutions, New Horizons is the single source for all their IT training needs.  Their customized enterprise solutions allow corporate training managers the ability to easily administer their learning programs and track the progress of all participating employees. Maximizing the investment in training is important for all companies, and New Horizons assists each client with the management and measurement of their training activities. The variety of learning options from New Horizons allows students to learn in the manner that best suits their schedule, budget, learning style and expertise.

Solutions for Individuals

New Horizons provides comprehensive and cost-effective training for individuals looking to expand their IT skills in their current professions or looking to take the first step toward new careers. With courses available online, mentored and in traditional classroom settings, New Horizons has a flexible educational solution that fits your learning style, your budget and your schedule. 

Integrated Learning

New Horizons Integrated Learning is a comprehensive approach to training that guides each learner through all stages of their learning lifecycle. It consists of five components – Assess, Learn, Reinforce, Support and Validate- and combines classroom and eLearning products and services to create the most effective learning experience available in the industry.

Training Programs 

Whether the training is for one individual or several hundred employees in multiple locations across the globe, New Horizons has a training program to fit any company or any individual need.  They deliver a full range of technical, application and business skills training solutions.  The training ranges from basic application and desktop productivity tools (i.e., Excel, PowerPoint, Word, Access) to complex and integrated business systems (i.e., information security, ITIL, Microsoft, Cisco and Novell).  New Horizons offers classroom, mentored and distance learning options for virtually every desktop application used in the world of business.

Technical Training and Certification

Choose from a wide selection of technical classes and certification packages. New Horizons maintains the world’s largest network of Gold Microsoft Certified Partners for Learning Solutions and Microsoft Certified Partners for Learning Solutions (CPLS). In fact, New Horizons does more Microsoft technical and certification training than any other company.

The Learning Experience

Our students accomplish more than just learn the latest technologies. The success of our customers is realized through training classes, but the foundation of New Horizons is based on inspiring students and companies to become more productive and successful in their daily activities.  Knowledge transfer is enhanced by engaging the learner in real work – real life situations and we see the results on our students’ faces every day. It’s the confidence that comes from learning, knowing and applying.

Schedule Information and CFT Discount Pricing

Please call 800-795-5242 x1176 or send an e-mail to info@cfteducation.org to request the current PC Software Training Schedule and receive the special CFT discount pricing.