IRA Overview:

This IRA training course explains the regulations that govern IRA contributions; distribution rules; and IRA-to-IRA rollovers, IRA-to-IRA transfers, and direct rollovers.

Estimated time to complete: 30-90 minutes

Part 1:  IRA Contributions

Part 2:  IRA Distributions

Part 3:  IRA Rollovers, Transfers, and Direct Rollovers

Course Description and Audience:  This online IRA course is self-paced and does not include instructor facilitation.

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IRA University:

This six-week online course provides the tools to build a solid IRA knowledge base and become certified as a Certified IRA Specialist (CIS) I. Topics include establishing an IRA, contributions, Traditional and Roth IRA distributions, and portability.

Course Overview:

Each week consists of a self-paced eLearning module (45 to 60 minutes), followed by a 90-minute interactive webinar on Wednesdays at 1:00 p.m. CT (Central Time) to help participants apply their knowledge from the eLearning module. If you’re unable to attend, webinars are recorded for on demand viewing. After completing IRA University, attendees have the opportunity to earn their Certified IRA Specialist I (CIS I) designation for no additional cost.

Audience:   You should attend this course if you are new to IRAs, need a refresher, or want to earn the CIS I designation.

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IRA Essentials On Demand:

IRA Essentials OnDemand is the perfect solution for those who need an introduction to IRAs but cannot attend a face-to-face training session. IRA reference materials, job aids, quizzes, and videos blend together to create an immersive educational experience. Explore six educational tracks: Introduction to IRAs, Establishing an IRA, Funding, Portability, IRA Distributions, and Reporting.

Course Overview:

IRA Essentials OnDemand consists of six learning tracks dedicated to key IRA topics:
  • Introduction to IRAs
  • Funding
  • IRA Distributions
  • Establishing an IRA
  • Portability
  • Reporting

Audience:  You should attend if you need to learn the basics of Traditional and Roth IRAs, want an updated, general refresher on IRA rules, or want to obtain CE credits.

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