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Look Who Recently Earned Their CFT Diploma!

  • Sarah Hull-Advanced Financial Services Diploma

Look Who Recently Earned Their CFT Certificate!

  • Pedro de Abreu Filho-Intro to Financial Services Certificate
  • Katie Ehlers-Intro to Human Resources Certificate

It’s not too late! Join us September 26-28 for the Bank Trainers Conference in Dallas, TX. During this three-day conference you will find networking opportunities and a jam-packed agenda from incredible speakers and industry gurus. Not ready yet for an in-person event just yet? No worries! We offer a full virtual experience at the same cost. Register today!

Federal Compliance School is back at CFT! We are so excited to welcome back the best in the business of compliance: Patti Joyner, Carl Pry and Keith Monson for a four-day virtual offering of our Federal Compliance School, November 1-4. Sign up today to get the latest on new developments, changes and what’s coming down the pipeline. More info can be found here.

Did you know? You can transfer your CFT credit to a college or university! Students can save considerable time and employers can save significant tuition reimbursement dollars when employees choose to take CFT college level courses and transfer their credits to a college or university towards a degree. CFT has made this process even easier for the student by partnering with several colleges and universities. Visit our website for a listing of our partner schools here. Have a question about transfers, send an e-mail with your questions to crista@CFTeducation.org

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