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Look Who Recently Earned Their CFT Diploma!

  • Jennifer Cutter-Project Management Diploma
  • Ursula Hale-Financial Service Operations Diploma
  • Stacey Watson-Financial Services Diploma

Look Who Recently Earned Their CFT Certificate!

  • Katherine Chabot-Introduction to Financial Service Operations Certificate
  • Susan Falke-Introduction to Sales and Service Certificate
  • Nicolas Kruzel-Universal Banker Certificate
  • Victoria Morrow-Introduction to Sales and Service Certificate
  • Ricardo Ortiz-Introduction to Lending Certificate AND Introduction to Credit Analysis Certificate
  • Enahan Patten-Introduction to Financial Services Certificate
  • Lidia Zdunek-Introduction to Lending Certificate
  • Taylor Cox-Introduction to Credit Analysis Certificate

We are proud to announce that we are now offering NEW! Live E-Classroom Courses.  Our courses include Back Office-Excellence in Client Support (2-part series); Outside Calling School (2-part series); Branch Manager Bootcamp, this is a 4-part series course that can be purchased together OR you can purchase individual sessions; Frontline Branch Series, this is also a 4-part series that can be purchased together or individually making enrolling easy and flexible.

We also continue to roll out new educational courses and our latest self-paced online course really hits the mark: The Hybrid Workplace.  As organizations continue to adjust to remote working options, we have witnessed the unique advantages of remote work: greater flexibility, increased productivity, and better work-life balance. This course will help you learn how to support employees shifting to hybrid work arrangements, how to foster a strong organizational culture in a hybrid setting, and how to manage transitions between remote and in-person work.  Other Self-Paced courses on this topic are The Modern OfficeManaging in a Modern OrganizationLeading from a Distance, and Building and Supporting a Remote Workforce.

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You are off to a great start! You are now ready to choose from one or more of our many career tracks that is right for you. You can view our Diploma and Certificate Options here. As an added bonus, the courses required to earn a CFT Certificate or Diploma are also able to be transferred to a College or University! The American Council on Education’s College Credit Recommendation Service (ACE CREDIT) has evaluated and recommended college credit for twenty-three (23) CFT courses. Get a head start on your 2022 goals and register today!

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