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Fulfill your bank training needs with Live Webinars.  Live webinars are purchased per location.  The purchase of a live webinar INCLUDES 30 DAYS OF ONDEMAND PLAYBACK! With this option, you will participate in the webinar (via the internet) as it is being presented. You will login to the webinar on your PC to view the PowerPoint presentation, and you have the option of using your PC speakers or a telephone for the audio. You can type and send your questions to the instructor.  Don’t worry if you miss the webinar, you can still view it for up to thirty days after it takes place!

We offer over 450+ live and OnDemand webinars per year for bankers covering topics such as compliance, employee development, coaching, BSA/AML, lending, bank call reporting, TRID, as well as trending hot topics like pandemic preparedness, the Cares Act, regulation updates and much more! Delivered by respected financial services industry experts, our webinars are timely, relevant and always engaging.

If you have questions or need any help, please contact us at info@CFTeducation.org or chat with us using the chat assistance below!

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Course Title Start Date Start Time End Date Delivery Type Delivery Option Instructor / Location Price
10 Common Errors on Fiduciary Accounts Webinar 12/05/2023 2:30pm 12/05/2023 Webinar Upcoming Deborah Crawford $279.00
New Final Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) Regulations – What Do They Mean for Your Bank? Webinar 12/06/2023 2:30pm 12/06/2023 Webinar Upcoming Carl Pry $279.00
Regulation E: Errors & Disputes Webinar 12/06/2023 11:00am 12/06/2023 Webinar Upcoming David Dickinson $279.00
Assessing Environmental Risks in Commercial Real Estate Lending 12/07/2023 11:00am 12/07/2023 Webinar Upcoming Robin Russell $279.00
Business Accounts with New Beneficial Ownership Rules Webinar 12/07/2023 2:30pm 12/07/2023 Webinar Upcoming Deborah Crawford $279.00
Creating an Effective Onboarding Curriculum Webinar 12/08/2023 11:00am 12/08/2023 Webinar Upcoming Bobbi McVey-Blath $279.00
2023 CRA Review and Update Webinar 12/12/2023 11:00am 12/12/2023 Webinar Upcoming Kimberly Boatwright $279.00
Beneficial Ownership Rules - Training for Your Staff Webinar 12/12/2023 11:00am 12/12/2023 Webinar Upcoming Deborah Crawford $279.00
Deposit Operations Year End Wrap-Up Webinar 12/12/2023 2:30pm 12/12/2023 Webinar Upcoming Deborah Crawford $279.00
2023 Call Report Recap and Look Into 2024 Webinar 12/13/2023 2:30pm 12/13/2023 Webinar Upcoming Andrea Lambert and Cynthia Dopjera $279.00
IRS Information Reporting: Rules and Forms Webinar 12/13/2023 11:00am 12/13/2023 Webinar Upcoming Carl Pry $279.00
Navigating the FedNow Rules and Regulatory Compliance Environment Webinar 12/13/2023 2:30pm 12/13/2023 Webinar Upcoming Kevin Olsen $279.00
BSA Year End Round Up Webinar 12/14/2023 2:30pm 12/14/2023 Webinar Upcoming Deborah Crawford $279.00
Establishing a Culture of Compliance Webinar 12/14/2023 11:00am 12/14/2023 Webinar Upcoming Dawn Kincaid $279.00
Two Sides of the Same Coin: How and Why IT Should be Separated from IS Webinar 12/15/2023 11:00am 12/15/2023 Webinar Upcoming Joe Davis $279.00
Developing an Effective Remote Deposit Capture and Mobile Deposit Capture Program Webinar 12/18/2023 2:30pm 12/18/2023 Webinar Upcoming Susan Orr $279.00
Digital Assets - Overview & Regulatory Guidance Webinar 12/19/2023 11:00am 12/19/2023 Webinar Upcoming Molly Stull $279.00
Information Technology Risk Examination (INTREx) - Be Prepared for Your 2024 FDIC Examination Webinar 12/20/2023 11:00am 12/20/2023 Webinar Upcoming Susan Orr $279.00
Countdown to Beneficial Ownership - Policy, Procedures and Process Webinar 02/13/2024 11:00am 02/13/2024 Webinar Upcoming Deborah Crawford $279.00
Course Title Start Date Start Time End Date Delivery Type Delivery Option Location Price
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