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Course Title Start Date Start Time End Date Delivery Type Delivery Option Instructor / Location Price
10 Ways Your Teller Can Prevent Check Fraud Webinar 04/23/2024 2:30pm 04/23/2024 Webinar Upcoming Deborah Crawford $299.00
Bi-Monthly Compliance Briefing - April Webinar 04/30/2024 2:30pm 04/30/2024 Webinar Upcoming Carl Pry $299.00
Call Report for Beginners - 5 Part Series Webinar 05/03/2024 10:00am 05/30/2024 Webinar Upcoming Andrea Lambert $1,299.00
Cash Flow Analysis Webinar 04/22/2024 2:30pm 04/22/2024 Webinar Upcoming Tom Carlin $299.00
Consumer Real Estate Loans Webinar 05/08/2024 2:30pm 05/08/2024 Webinar Upcoming Anne Lolley $299.00
Controlling the Risks of Power of Attorney Documents Webinar 04/24/2024 11:00am 04/24/2024 Webinar Upcoming Terri Thomas $299.00
CRE Lending: Property Types, Lease Structures, and Other Non-Financial Risks Webinar 05/13/2024 2:30pm 05/13/2024 Webinar Upcoming Richard Hamm $299.00
Creating Exceptional Client Experiences Webinar 04/24/2024 2:30pm 04/24/2024 Webinar Upcoming Janice Branch $299.00
Demystifying Trusts: Establishing Deposit Accounts and Loans Webinar 05/02/2024 11:00am 05/02/2024 Webinar Upcoming Faculty $299.00
Fair Lending Webinar 05/09/2024 11:00am 05/09/2024 Webinar Upcoming Jerod Moyer $299.00
FCRA Compliance: E-Oscar and Metro2 Webinar 04/25/2024 11:00am 04/25/2024 Webinar Upcoming Matthew Urban $299.00
Leading Your Banking Sales Team: 5 Keys to Success Webinar 05/06/2024 2:30pm 05/06/2024 Webinar Upcoming Alex Cole $299.00
Lending 101 Webinar 04/25/2024 2:30pm 04/25/2024 Webinar Upcoming Anne Lolley $299.00
Navigating Climate Change: Risks, Regulations, and Opportunities for Banks Webinar 04/29/2024 2:30pm 04/29/2024 Webinar Upcoming Frances Janes $299.00
Navigating the FedNow® Rules and Regulatory Compliance Environment Webinar 04/25/2024 2:30pm 04/25/2024 Webinar Upcoming Kevin Olsen $299.00
Onboarding Your New Hire 04/26/2024 11:00am 04/26/2024 Webinar Upcoming Vicki Kraai $299.00
Opening New Accounts: 3 Part Series Webinar 04/30/2024 2:30pm 05/02/2024 Webinar Upcoming Matthew Urban $829.00
Overdraft Requirements and Best Practices Webinar 04/23/2024 11:00am 04/23/2024 Webinar Upcoming Jerod Moyer $299.00
Secrets of Being a Great Call Center Agent Webinar 04/18/2024 2:30pm 04/18/2024 Webinar Upcoming Janice Branch $299.00
Third Party Management Essentials Webinar 05/08/2024 11:00am 05/08/2024 Webinar Upcoming Kimberly Boatwright $299.00
TRID A-Z All Day Live Streaming Webinar 04/17/2024 10:00am 04/17/2024 Webinar Upcoming Jerod Moyer $849.00
Understanding and Using the Medallion Signature Guarantee Accurately Webinar 04/29/2024 2:30pm 04/29/2024 Webinar Upcoming Dawn Kincaid $299.00
Update on Overdraft Services and Junk Fees Webinar 05/14/2024 11:00am 05/14/2024 Webinar Upcoming Deborah Crawford $299.00
W-9s, W-8BENs and IRS Mismatches Webinar 04/30/2024 11:00am 04/30/2024 Webinar Upcoming Deborah Crawford $299.00
Wire Transfers: Meeting Requirements, Implementing Best Practices, and Avoiding Losses Webinar 05/07/2024 11:00am 05/07/2024 Webinar Upcoming Dawn Kincaid $299.00
Course Title Start Date Start Time End Date Delivery Type Delivery Option Location Price
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