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We offer over 450+ live and OnDemand webinars per year for bankers covering topics such as compliance, employee development, coaching, BSA/AML, lending, bank call reporting, TRID, as well as trending hot topics like pandemic preparedness, the Cares Act, regulation updates and much more! Delivered by respected financial services industry experts, our webinars are timely, relevant and always engaging.

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Course TitleStart DateStart TimeDelivery TypeDelivery OptionInstructor / LocationPrice
Adding the WOW Factor to Credit Analysis Webinar 04/27/2023 2:30pmWebinarUpcoming Jeffrey Johnson$279.00
Advanced Excel Skills for Accountants Webinar 03/31/2023 11:00amWebinarUpcoming David Ringstrom$279.00
Annual Deposit Regulation Training Webinar 04/25/2023 2:30pmWebinarUpcoming Deborah Crawford$279.00
Annual Staff Training for BSA and OFAC 05/02/2023 2:30pmWebinarUpcoming Deborah Crawford$279.00
Bank Accounting for Beginners: 4 Part Series 04/07/2023 11:00amWebinarUpcoming Cynthia Dopjera$1,049.00
Basic Cash Flow Analysis Webinar 03/30/2023 11:00amWebinarUpcoming Jeffrey Johnson$279.00
BSA/AML and OFAC Compliance- 3 Part Series Webinar 04/12/2023 11:00amWebinarUpcoming Carl Pry$769.00
CECL Adoption: Common Questions and Real-World Examples Webinar 04/11/2023 11:00amWebinarUpcoming Jeffrey Johnson$279.00
CECL and the Call Report Half Day Streaming Event Webinar 04/17/2023 1:30pmWebinarUpcoming Cynthia Dopjera$749.00
Commercial and Business Lending Basics for Support Personnel Webinar 03/30/2023 2:30pmWebinarUpcoming Richard Hamm$279.00
Commercial Loan Defaults and Workouts and Amendments Webinar 04/13/2023 2:30pmWebinarUpcoming Robin Russell$279.00
Consumer Real Estate Loans 04/04/2023 2:30pmWebinarUpcoming Anne Lolley$279.00
Controlling the Risks of Power of Attorney Documents Webinar 04/06/2023 11:00amWebinarUpcoming Terri Thomas$279.00
CRE Lending: Cash Flow Analysis & Cap Rates 05/01/2023 2:30pmWebinarUpcoming Richard Hamm$279.00
Demystifying Trusts: A Guide to Establishing Deposit Account and Loans Webinar 04/20/2023 11:00amWebinarUpcoming Terri Thomas$279.00
ECOA Small Business Lending Data Collection Webinar 05/02/2023 11:00amWebinarUpcoming Deborah Crawford$279.00
Elder Financial Exploitation Webinar 05/03/2023 2:30pmWebinarUpcoming Molly Stull$279.00
Engage Your Audience with Ease: Basic PowerPoint Tips and Tricks Webinar 04/05/2023 2:30pmWebinarUpcoming Heather Legge$279.00
Ensuring Accuracy in Call Reports: The Critical Importance of Schedules RC & RI Webinar 04/04/2023 11:00amWebinarUpcoming Cynthia Dopjera$279.00
Excel Explained: Building Error-Proof Spreadsheets Webinar 04/12/2023 2:30pmWebinarUpcoming Faculty$279.00
Fair Lending for Frontline Staff Webinar 03/29/2023 11:00amWebinarUpcoming Jamin Carlisle and Kimberly Boatwright$279.00
FDIC Insurance Review: How Much of My Deposits are Covered? Webinar 04/13/2023 11:00amWebinarUpcoming Carl Pry$279.00
Have You Updated Your Business Continuity Management to Meet Regulatory Expectations Webinar 04/11/2023 2:30pmWebinarUpcoming Susan Orr$279.00
Mastering Participation Agreements: Unlocking Advantages, Managing Risks & Navigating Negotiations Webinar 04/13/2023 11:00amWebinarUpcoming Robin Russell$279.00
Mastering TRID: Navigating Loan Estimates & Changed Circumstances Webinar 04/03/2023 2:30pmWebinarUpcoming Molly Stull$279.00
Navigating the Complex World of Commercial Loan Compliance Webinar 04/19/2023 11:00amWebinarUpcoming Dawn Kincaid$279.00
New Compliance Officer Training-3 Part Series Webinar 04/19/2023 2:30pmWebinarUpcoming Kristen Tatlock$769.00
Onboarding Your New Hire 03/29/2023 2:30pmWebinarUpcoming Vicki Kraai$279.00
Overdraft Requirements and Best Practices Webinar 04/18/2023 11:00amWebinarUpcoming Jerod Moyer$279.00
RC-C Loan Coding and RC-R Risk Weighing Loans Webinar 04/06/2023 2:30pmWebinarUpcoming Cynthia Dopjera$279.00
Regulation E Compliance- Five Best Practices for Handling Disputes Webinar 04/10/2023 2:30pmWebinarUpcoming Susan Costonis$279.00
Reporting Critical Information Security Webinar 04/25/2023 11:00amWebinarUpcoming Patrick Brown$279.00
Secrets to Being a Great Call Center Agent Webinar 04/20/2023 2:30pmWebinarUpcoming Janice Branch$279.00
Security Assessments: The How and Why Webinar 04/26/2023 11:00amWebinarUpcoming Carol Dodgen$279.00
Top 10 Common Interest Reporting Errors on Nonresident Alien Accounts Webinar 04/18/2023 2:30pmWebinarUpcoming Deborah Crawford$279.00
TRID All Day Live Streaming Webinar 05/03/2023 10:00amWebinarUpcoming Jerod Moyer$1,049.00
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