Writing Effective and Efficient E-Mail Seminar

CFT Credits: 0.00

This one-day training workshop focuses on an efficient e-mailing process and by allowing you to practice it throughout the day, you will walk away learning how to create clear, concise, complete, courteous, and correct e-mail.  Training topics include:

  • Understanding qualities that make efficient e-mail a unique mode of communication
  • How to use e-email strategically to facilitate the company’s communication objectives.
  • Determining the purpose of your e-mail message
  • Organizing the e-mail for reader ease
  • Developing techniques for checking tone
  • Revising and editing e-mail for clarity, conciseness, and completeness
  • Receiving immediate, individual, confidential feedback from the trainer

Audience:  Professional and technical staff who write e-mail as a primary means of communication.

Philip Vassallo
Instructor:  Phil Vassallo

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