Success With Servant Leadership


Leadership involves engaging and inspiring people to do their best work and to achieve common goals. Servant Leadership (SL) is a model that encourages formal leaders to start with the drive to serve followers, customers and other stakeholders.

This engaging program helps supervisors, managers and senior executives learn how to use the servant leadership model to generate organizational success while avoiding some of the common pitfalls that can come from adopting the model.

Communication, planning, and execution are all important in the SL model, and participants will learn strategies for effectiveness in all these functions through the SL lens.

Rich in case studies, engaging table work, and skills practice, this program will give participants a thorough understanding of how to apply SL concepts in their daily work to drive individual and organizational performance to new heights while maintaining a culture of accountability and results-orientation.

Learning Outcomes

  • The Leader’s Role in a Servant Leadership Environment
  • Using SL to Build Productive Relationships and Employee Engagement
  • Customer Relationships and Service in the Servant Leadership Model
  • Positive Persuasion Rather than Coercion to Get Results
  • Harnessing and Directing the Energized Team’s Power to Innovate
  • Putting Service to the Team at the Core of the Conscious Choice to Lead


Varies Based on Client Need


Managers and Supervisors


Group Discussions, Self Assessment, Exercises, Lecturettes, Case Studies, and Practical Application Worksheets

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