Stepping Up to Universal Banker Excellence


Banks and credit unions have identified the need to empower customer-facing employees to do more, becoming a single point-of-contact for customers. The Universal Banker model, one that employs more versatile and skilled employees, requires thorough professional training and development if these team members are to be successful and if the move to this business model will be effective and profitable.

Participants in Stepping Up to Universal Banker Excellence will identify and develop the skills needed to evolve from Teller to Universal Banker, as well as the flexibility for platform staff to perform teller functions. Rather than focusing on transactions and business rules, this program enhances sales, customer service, planning and prioritization, and communication skills. Also discussed is the changing nature of the customer in our multigenerational business environment, one driving change and creating the need for trained, talented, and engaged bankers.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the Concepts of Universal Banker Excellence
  • Transitioning Between the Teller Line and Platform
  • Skills to Communicate with Confidence
  • Identify the Needs of Multigenerational Customers and Best Practices for Working with Them
  • Using Multi-Tasking and Time Management Techniques
  • Working Through Challenging Customer Situations 
  • Developing a Consultative Sales Approach
  • Distinguishing When to Escalate an Issue


Varies Based on Client Need


Universal Bankers


Discussions, Self-Assessment, Examples, Case Studies

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