Sales Negotiation Skills


Sales Negotiation Skills provides sales professionals with the knowledge, skills, and behaviors to effectively close deals that are mutually beneficial to all parties.  Many employees view the art of negotiation as one of inherent conflict, manipulation, or opposition. Professional sales negotiators know better. They view the process as a partnership with clients. Respect, reciprocation, and mutual response are the hallmarks of a truly successful negotiation. This program teaches participants to utilize a collaborative approach to negotiation without having to sacrifice their intended outcomes or end with difficult or deteriorated client relationships.

This interactive program is customized to address specific sales scenarios.  It helps employees to understand the benefits of strong negotiation skills.


  • The Persuasive Communication Model
  • The Components of Negotiation
  • “VITOs” versus Influencers versus “Seymours”
  • Dealing with Impasse
  • Distinguishing between Position and Needs
  • Assertiveness versus Aggressiveness
  • Negotiation Positions
  • Strategies for Overcoming Objections during Negotiations
  • Closing the Sale
  • Follow-Up After the Sale


One Day


Sales Managers and Sales Professionals


Actor’s Guild Role Playing, Group Discussions, Self-Assessment, Case Studies, Lecturettes, and Workbook

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