Safe and Sound


While no company can completely avoid multi-million dollar negligent security liability, they can in many cases prevent a tragedy before it happens.  By demonstrating a good faith effort in the training of staff, organizations can assist in providing a secure workplace for their employees and customers. 

Based on the works of Francis D’Addario, a noted expert and practitioner in the field of workplace security and loss prevention, Safe and Sound ® provides managers and employees with the basics of violence prevention and skills to use in recognizing and responding to potentially harmful situations.

Safe and SoundÒ is available from our master trainers or through a train-the-trainer certification program.

Learning Outcomes

Recognizing Threats

Handling Conflict

Identifying Erratic Behaviors

Zero Tolerance Policy

Responding to Dangerous Situations

Violence/Unfair Treatment Link

ABC’s of Personal Safety


Varies Based on Client Need


Managers and Employees


Video Vignettes, Group Discussions, Exercises, Quiz, Lecturettes and Workbook

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