Principles of Banking Course

CFT Credits: 3.00

ACE Credit Recommendation Reference Number: CFTA-0013 (CFT Course Code: A207)

The Principles of Banking course explores the fundamental principles and practices of banking and credit in the United States.  This fundamentals of banking course gives an excellent overview of financial services, including information on human resources, marketing, and ethics.  See complete description below.

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Principles of Banking course is ACE recommended for college credit transfer!

The Principles of Banking course explores the fundamental principles and practices of banking and credit in the United States.  This fundamentals of banking course gives an excellent overview of financial services, including information on human resources, marketing, and ethics.  Topics to be covered include:  money and interest, negotiable instruments, mortgages, commercial lending, security and ethics, and the role of banking in today’s economy.   Textbook chapter topics include:

The Business of Banking
Development of the US Banking System
The Federal Reserve System
Money and Interest
Deposit Accounts
Negotiable Instruments
Consumer Loans
Commercial Lending
Specialized Banking
Security, Fraud, and Ethics
Bank Marketing
Employment Opportunities

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Online Course Format

Your course will be facilitated by an instructor who will guide you through each lesson and is available to answer questions and provide feedback on your assignments.  Each week, you will receive an assignment over the Internet.  The assignment will include:

  • reading assigned chapter(s) in your textbook
  • completing a short assignment and either forwarding the assignment electronically to your instructor or posting it on the electronic class Discussion Board.
  • taking a self-check test.

In addition, you also will have some assignments where you will collaborate with other students using electronic discussion boards, chat rooms, and e-mail.

The semester length courses will have a mid-term examination and a final examination.  These examinations and quizzes will be delivered electronically over the Internet.  Your overall grade for the class will be based on your performance on the weekly assignments, mid-term examinations and the final examination.

Guided Self Study Format

Guided Self-Study Courses offered by the Center for Financial Training are student-friendly, college level courses that allow you to take control of your busy schedule.  You will study on your own, however you will have a qualified instructor only a telephone call or e-mail away.  Upon registering for a class, you will be mailed a textbook, a syllabus outlining your course, and your first open-book quiz.  You will have four months (certain classes allow less than four months) from the starting date to complete your class.  The starting date is three business days from the date books and related materials are mailed to you.   An advisor at the CFT office will keep in touch with you to provide additional assistance to help keep you on schedule.  Your exams (two per class) will be proctored by an officer or manager at your financial institution.  Upon satisfactory completion of your class, you will, within days, receive your grade and the appropriate credits for the class, which are the same as though you had earned them by taking the course in a classroom or online.

Classroom Format

Evening classroom courses meet once each week for a total of 1 to 15 weeks depending on the topic.  These courses are taught by qualified instructors with real-life experience from the financial services, legal, and academia sectors.  Our faculty is comprised of credentialed professionals with a broad range of subject matter expertise who always present interactive and dynamic classroom experiences.  They have significant experience in the field they are teaching, and most have advanced degrees.  CFT faculty members are dedicated to helping students achieve their educational goals and actively serve as mentors for those seeking degree status.

Features and Benefits of CFT Live Evening Classroom Courses:

  • Discussion and dialogue are “face to face”
  • Student questions are answered immediately
  • Students learn first-hand about the on-the-job experiences of their classmates
  • Instructor assistance is always available – during class & after hours
  • Interactive “live” classroom environment
  • Students form peer groups that last a lifetime

In-House Format

Virtually any course or seminar that CFT offers can be brought onsite and taught to your employees at the most convenient time for your company. You can also purchase CFT curriculum and teach the course in-house with an internal instructor.

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