Notary Public Law and Process (New Jersey) Seminar

CFT Credits: 0.00

Employers of Notaries Public have long held the presumption that their notary-employees are commissioned, managed and disciplined by the state commissioning agency. Precedent setting case law demonstrates the need for employers of notaries public to take a closer look at their notary education standards, management program, and disciplinary actions to protect their institution from losses that result from errant notaries public; not just the notaries public under their employ. Accepting an inaccurate or illegal document executed by another notary equally exposes your institution to risk in the underlying transaction. After completing this workshop, participants will understand three basic notarial acts, apply the required acts to their institutions’ forms, draft an accurate notarial certificate, review completed documents for notary compliance, understand the need to reject inaccurate notarial acts, and implemental basic notarial instructions for all affected documents necessitating execution by a notary public.

Topics covered:

• Notary Law and Process – for Financial Institutions
• Common notarial acts
• Drafting accurate and legally binding notarial certificates for your documents
• Identifying and rejecting inaccurate notarial executions
• Identifying and mitigating operational risk in every notarial act
• Why your institution should create and implement a Notary-Employee Policy and Program
• Avoid reputation risk to which your notary-employees expose your institution

Who Should Attend: Supervisors of notaries public, Human Resources, Operations/Compliance and Commercial/Residential supervisors as well as attorneys of financial institutions.

Your Seminar Leader: Chrissey Ladd is Assistant Vice President at Audubon Savings Bank in NJ. In additional to her responsibilities at ASB, she is a Curriculum Consultant for the National Notary Association, 2011 National Notary of the Year, Consultant to Employers of Notaries Public, Curriculum Developer for Notary Power, LLC, and serves as an Expert Witness in course cases involving questionable documents or notarial misconduct. She is the author of several resources for document preparers, notary-employees, and employers or notaries. The New Jersey Notary Association utilizes her knowledge as the FAQ/Hotline resource for over 124,000 New Jersey notaries public.

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