Negotiating to Win Seminar

CFT Credits: 0.00

People who are “nice guys,”  those who try to please everyone, don’t win.  And people who are bullies, those who aim to intimidate others into submission, also don’t win.  Winning depends on knowing how to negotiate.  Every day, all day, we negotiate with colleagues, customers, people reporting to us, our bosses and vendors.  This practical, full-day communication boot camp will focus on real-world tips on how to win people over in a way that’s ethical–and in a way that actually strengthens your relationships with them.

In this full-day communication boot camp, participants will:

  • Identify situations in which bank employees must negotiate with their supervisors, peers, staff, vendors and customers;
  • Discuss why we often are reluctant to engage in negotiations;
  • Re-enforce the need always to be a person of integrity;
  • Learn how to prepare for a negotiation session;
  • Understand why winning depends on our ability to focus on the other party’s interests–rather the other party’s position;
  • Practice a variety of negotiation scenarios typical in business

After this session, participants will have strengthened their ability to:

  • Resist pressure to give in;
  • Deal with difficult people;
  • Engage in sensitive conversations;
  • Build their reputation as consensus builders

Audience:  Financial services company employees at all levels.

Instructor:  Susan Mach is a communication coach, trainer and strategist. She leads communication boot camps at community banks and credit unions. She has extensive experience working with multinational corporations, global nonprofits, and entrepreneurial start-ups. She teaches communication skills to M.B.A. students from all over the world at NYU Stern, CUNY Baruch and Rutgers Business School. She is also the former director of consumer affairs at AT&T.

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