Mystery Shopping Services for Banks

Our philosophy regarding mystery shopping involves a combination of in-person and phone shops thereby providing a broad assessment of all levels of customer service. Our in-person shops target both the platform and the teller line. We typically look at the following:

  • Appropriate greeting
  • Professionalism/attitude
  • Ability to answer questions about products and services
  • Ability to refer or cross-sell
  • Use of name
  • Smile
  • Eye contact
  • Length of wait
  • Use of business card
  • Appearance of teller and lobby areas

All items are reviewed ahead of time with the contracting financial institution to gain approval and support.  We use a special form that insures objectivity and consistency and all our shoppers are trained in the use of the form. There is also room at the bottom of the form for subjective comments.  In the past, we have also shopped branches and back office departments by telephone.

A full report is provided back to the contracting financial institution at the end of each quarter.

In addition, we can also conduct focus groups with bank customers, thereby providing further feedback on the quality of the total banking experience.  We can also train your customers to be the shoppers.  

In some cases, banks engage us to do a preliminary shop, analyze results and then report back to management. They use the “one time shopping evaluation” as a benchmark and make further decisions based on that information.

Learning Dynamics stands ready to work in partnership with you if you decide to proceed with the Mystery Shop experience.

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