Motivating High Performance Teams


High performing teams don’t happen automatically once people are placed into a work group.  In fact, it’s often the opposite.  Building and sustaining a truly high performing team requires understanding and applying some of the “basics” of organizational development: for example, the characteristics of teamwork and how to create a unifying goal that builds cohesiveness within the team.  All of this effort pays dividends, however, as the work team collaborates effectively to reach its team and individual goals. 

“Motivating High Performance Teams” explores the hallmarks of a truly effective work team.  Participants will also have an opportunity to confidentially assess the effectiveness of their own specific work team and learn ways to best support and lead their team to even higher levels of performance and satisfaction.

Learning Outcomes

  • Characteristics of Effective Work Teams
  • Assessing Team Effectiveness
  • Developing SMART Team Goals
  • Maxwell’s Laws of Teamwork
  • Getting Teams Unstuck
  • The Basics of Good Team Leadership
  • Team Problem Solving Model and Exercise
  • What You Can Do to Foster a Team Oriented Environment


Varies Based on Client Need


Managers and Supervisors


Workbook, Video, and Exercises

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