IRA Basics Workshop – Colorado

CFT Credits: 0.00

Basic IRAs is a full-day course that provides attendees with a broad understanding of IRA rules and responsibilities. The course is designed for individuals having any experience level with IRAs
as it can introduce inexperienced attendees to IRA concepts, and serve as a refresher for more seasoned IRA personnel.

Course topics include:

Introduction to IRAs

  • What is an IRA and what are the benefits?
  • What are the different types of IRAs?

Establishing IRAs

  • How do we set-up an IRA?
  • What are the documentation requirements?


  • What are the eligibility requirements?
  • When is the deadline to contribute?
  • How are contributions reported?

Retirement Plan Portability

  • What are the differences between transfers and rollovers?
  • How are transfers and rollovers reported?


  • What are the tax, penalty and withholding implications?
  • When must distributions be taken?
  • How are distributions reported?

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