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CFT strongly RECOMMENDS that students complete the Marketing course prior to taking the e-Commerce course.

Course Description and Audience

E-commerce continues to have a dramatic impact on virtually every aspect of business, and following the 2009 recession on electronic commerce, its role is even more critical. Packed with the most cutting-edge coverage available, this course equips students with a solid understanding of the dynamics of this fast-paced industry. It delivers comprehensive coverage of emerging online business strategies and technologies in the electronic commerce marketplace. By detailing how the landscape of online commerce is evolving, this course reflects changes in the economy and how business and society are responding to those changes. Balancing technological issues with the strategic business aspects of successful ecommerce, the course includes expanded coverage of e commerce growth in China and the developing world, social media and online marketing strategies, technology-enabled outsourcing, and the latest development in online payment processing systems.


  • Thoroughly revised and updated, the exciting Tenth Edition of ELECTRONIC COMMERCE delivers solid coverage of such emerging and expanding issues as first mover advantage and alternative revenue strategies, the use of smart phones in online business, the role of branding in online sales, recent developments in online sales of music and videos, new forms of text advertising, social networking, mobile commerce, developments in microlending, and online customer relationship management tools.
  •  Illustrating important points with actual business cases, including the “Learning from Failure” feature, captivates students with real-world examples of successful and unsuccessful online business strategies, the book gives students insight into the struggles, accomplishments, and excitement of e-commerce.
  •  Cases in every chapter enable students to put what they’ve learned into practice. Each chapter includes two cases, giving readers plenty of hands-on experience applying text concepts to actual situations faced by real companies.
  •  Providing opportunities for further independent study, each chapter concludes with a comprehensive list of resources that serves as a starting point for readers who want to learn more about text topics.
  •  Complementing the textbook, the Online Companion links to online resources that illustrate the concepts presented in the text.

Audience:  Anyone wishing to expand their technological marketing knowledge.

Diplomas and Certificates Applicable to the e-Commerce course:

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Jeff Smith
Jeff Smith

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