Integrity at Work


Today more than ever, organizations hold employees accountable for their ethical behavior.  An ethical lapse can damage both an individual and an organization’s reputation, and runs the risk of severe personal and corporate liability in today’s environment.

Based on the work of business ethics expert Dr. Michael Rion, our award-winning Integrity at Work ® program emphasizes how employees need to take personal responsibility for considering the ethical dimensions of various workplace situations.  The program reinforces an organization’s Code of Conduct, values, and relevant ethics policies. Managers and employees respond to customized scenarios, applying the “Six Questions Guidelines for Ethical Decision-Making” to make sound, ethical decisions.

This workshop is also offered in a customized coaching setting.

Learning Topics Include:

  • Personal Character and Responsibility
  • Personal Financial Ethics
  • Responsible Workplace Conduct
  • Individual versus Organizational Values 
  • Confidentiality, Fairness, and Full Disclosure
  • Guidelines for Ethical Decision-Making
  • Compliance with Company Policies


Varies Based on Client Need


Managers and Employees


Discussions, Exercises, Case Studies, Video Vignettes, Job Aid

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