Financial Statement Mapping Webinar

After completing this webinar, the analyst will have a better understanding of why we calculate financial and credit ratios in certain ways rather than just relying upon following financial formulas to determine a financial result.

Financial Statements and Tax Returns are the foundation for understanding the financial condition of businesses and other economic entities. This foundation must be understood by anyone who is responsible for analyzing them to make a loan decision or manage credit risks posed by the lending function of the financial institution.

Economic events will typically start through an entry onto the Income Statement and the results of that event will find its way to the Balance Sheet. In other words, whatever occurs on the Income Statement will end up on the Balance Sheet. For example, if cash is not collected at the point of sales or an obligation is not settled at the point of incurrence, it will flow to the Balance Sheet either as an Asset, Liability or Net Worth Account. There are other economic activities that will be reflected on the balance sheet without first going through the income statement.

Understanding the relationship between the Balance Sheet and the Income Statement will enhance an analyst knowledge of why certain items from the Income Statement and the Balance Sheet are matched mathematically in a ratio calculation to determine a company’s liquidity, leverage, asset management capabilities and operating performance. It will also provide the secrets to understanding how a financial statement prepared on an Accrual basis is converted into a Cash basis financial statement to determine the amount of cash generated or used by an economic entity.

What You’ll Learn

  • Have a better understanding of the Income Statement and the Balance Sheet
  • Understand the flow of data from the Income Statement and other sources and how it will affect the Balance Sheet
  • Understand the relationship between the Income Statement and Balance Sheet and how they are used to calculate financial / credit ratios and cash flow
  • Understand the meaning of the accounts found on a typical Income Statement and Balance sheet
  • Know the types of economic transactions that will not flow through the Income Statement but will affect the Balance Sheet

Who Should Attend

Anyone involved in credit analysis or review including, but not limited to Senior Lending Officers, Senior Credit Officers, Chief, Financial Officer, Board of Directors, Consumer Lenders, Commercial Lenders, Credit Analysts, Loan Review Personnel, Credit, Administration Personnel, and Auditors.

Continuing Education (CE) Credits

This webinar is recommended for 2.5 CE Credit Hours. Each attendee will receive a Certificate of Attendance for self-reporting of CE Credits.

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Jeffrey Johnson
Jeffrey Johnson

Jeffery W. Johnson started his career with SunTrust Bank in Atlanta as a Management Trainee and progressed to Vice President and Senior Lender of SouthTrust Bank and Senior Vice President and Commerci... read more.

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Live Webinar:

INCLUDES 30 DAYS OF ONDEMAND PLAYBACK! With this option, you will participate in the webinar as it is being presented. You will login to the webinar on your PC to view the PowerPoint presentation, and you have the option of using your PC speakers or a phone for the audio. You can type and send your questions to the instructor.  And don’t worry if you miss the webinar, you can still view it for up to thirty days after it takes place!

Live Plus Twelve Months OnDemand Playback:

With this option, you will receive the live version, then you will receive an e-mail that contains a link to the PowerPoint slides (to download, print, and copy) as well as a link where you will view and hear the entire webinar just as it was delivered, featuring the full-color PowerPoint presentation with audio. You can pause, fast-forward and rewind as needed, which makes it an effective training tool. The link will be available to you (and anyone else in the company) for up to twelve months and can be accessed 24/7 as many times as you wish. Delivered via e-mail the day after the webinar takes place.

Live, Twelve Months OnDemand Playback PLUS Digital Download:

By adding the Digital Download to your order, you will be adding access to make the webinar part of your training library.  You can pause, fast-forward and rewind as needed, which makes it an effective training tool. With this option, you will receive a download of the PowerPoint slides as well.  Access to the Digital Download is for the life of your library.

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