The Psychology of Sales: 7 Easy Steps to a Repeatable Sales Process

CFT is proud to partner with Connie Whitman and introduce you to her—and her “The Psychology of Sales: 7 Steps to a Repeatable Sales Process,” which we, ourselves at CFT, have taken—and have found extremely useful and ROI positive.

If you’re like most banks and credit unions, you likely have difficulty reaching your annual sales numbers, quotas—and Connie taught us that the key to that was a different approach to selling entirely:

  1. Creating genuine, mutually beneficial, client relationships that are win-win for everyone, with the secondary effect of:
  2. Turning “ok” sales teams to “superpowered” sales teams—by finding each member’s unique assets for more effective and authentic sales.

Connie’s approach turns sales calls from being sleazy, pushy, (painful!), to effective, repeatable, with the net result of creating loyal, lifetime, clients built through relationships not transactions.  And, with a solid, repeatable approach—Connie solves the key issue for many teams: how to manage fear.  This approach increases the bottom line—in the short, and in the long term.

Connie also, by detailing her solid, repeatable approach, solves the key impediment to greater relationship-based sales for many sales teams: how to manage the employee’s fear, their own psychology, and a deep dive into the relationship between a sales rep and the customer, and how they don’t have to be on opposite sides of the table.

Connie’s approach—using sales psychology within the sales conversation—increases the bottom line in the short, and in the long term.

This virtual, transformational, psychology-based masterclass called ESP (Easy Sales Process) takes your client-facing employees through Connie’s 7 Steps to Sales Success

Topics will include the following 7 Steps:

  1. Being Prepared – How to execute on specific, repeatable, pre-meeting actions that allow us to serve the client in every meeting or sales call, be up to date on the best information available, anticipate the client needs, and a strategy for framing answers to questions that make sense for the client.
  2. Building Rapport in the first 30 seconds using a Value Statement
  3. How, and Why, it is important to ask Framed Open-Ended questions that engage the client (create a 70/30 split, so we are listening 70% of the time.)
  4. How and why to develop Active listening skills –if we tune out, we cannot get the information we need to help.
  5. How and when, to Present the customized solution(s) so the client trusts your solution, after feeling seen, heard, and understood.
  6. How to Solidify the Relationship by Asking for or expanding the business relationship—at the right time (and not before).
  7. Learn the recommended Follow-up routines to ensure you stay top of mind, continuing to build trust and lifelong relationships.

All seven steps provide a tangible outline of how to effectively dialog/communicate with clients and how to keep it conversational while moving through the sales process in a simple, nonthreatening way—taking fear of being “pushy” out of the equation.

Registration:  Registration is per-participant

Date: February 27, March 5, March 12, and March 19, 2024

Time: 2:00pm-4:00pm EST

Audience: Retail platform staff (Managers, Assistant Managers, Regionals, Universal Bankers, CSR), Financial Advisors, Cash Management Representatives, and Mortgage Representatives. Any employee that is client facing, sales leaders, anyone wanting to increase their sales knowledge.

If you would like this program offered in-house, please contact for more information. 


Connie Whitman, MBA
Connie Whitman, MBA

CEO, Whitman and Associates, DBA Changing the Sales Game Known for her high-energy, passionate, and enthusiastic approach to teaching and coaching, Connie Whitman helps ambitious business executiv... read more.

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