Customer Service Innovation Course

Course Description and Audience

Finding new ways to help people solve problems and get things done is why there are goods and services in the first place. In the Customer Service Innovation course, a vital need is filled by delivering the essential service guidance that can put your business on the latest frontier of value creation.  Take your customer service skills to the next level!

Among the numerous key ideas and practices are:

  • Insight on understanding the different types of clients you serve’€”and how your products deliver value to them
  • Ways to design specific frameworks for discovering service innovation opportunities for new, improved, and supplementary service products
  • Practical guidance on staying focused on the “fuzzy front end” of service innovation
  • The fundamental elements of a winning service strategy

Audience:  Anyone involved in customer service.

Diploma and Certificate Applications

Diplomas and Certificates Applicable to the Customer Service Innovation course:

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