Coaching For Results


Managing and improving employee performance is one of the most critical and challenging responsibilities any manager has.  Different from supervision, coaching requires a keen knowledge of individual employee skills or behavioral gaps and a commitment to work in partnership with the employee to strengthen performance. 

Without proper coaching, employees with deficient skills or knowledge languish in the lower portion of the performance curve for far too long, at a cost no organization should bear.  This workshop provides an opportunity for managers to assess their coaching and communication skills, and practice these skills using case studies.  The workshop also includes a customized cards exercise where managers have the opportunity to respond to various scenarios.                       


  • Coaching: What is it?
  • Key Skills Coaches Use
  • Coaching Model
  • Dealing with Performance Problems
  • Providing Constructive Feedback
  • Getting Commitment from Employees
  • Coaching for Continued Success


Varies Based on Client Need.


Managers and Supervisors


Group Discussions, Exercises, Case Studies, Lecturettes, and Skills Inventory

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