Building Leaders at Every Level


Many companies today recognize that employees at all levels of their organization need to exhibit leadership qualities, not just those in a managerial capacity. With more interdependence and cross-functional teams, the need for leadership skills is more important than ever. 

Organizations understand that the most successful employees are those who are able to lead and influence others within and outside the organization, whether in formal project teams or informally through sharing their technical expertise. “Building Leaders at Every Level” provides leadership skills that can be utilized in any role throughout the organization. 

The workshop includes mini case studies that are modified to target the specific needs of the audience. The Manager version addresses the supervisor’s role in building leaders, while the Employee version focuses on taking initiative to help the department and the organization. 


  • Leadership Myths
  • All People Have Untapped Leadership Potential
  • Great Leaders Develop Leaders
  • Teaching Others
  • Building Trust
  • Problem Solving
  • Leading through Change
  • Maxwell’s Laws of Leadership
  • Leadership Derailers


Varies Based on Client Need


Managers and Employees


Assessment, Group Discussions, Exercises, Case Study, Lecturette, Workbook

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